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Man thwarts home invasion attempt

A Northridge Road man was shaken but unharmed Wednesday night after he thwarted a home invasion attempt by two armed men. John Eidson opened his door to a man he thought was having car trouble only to have the man pull an semiautomatic pistol. Eidson attempted to close the door but the man got in and knocked Eidson’s wife to the floor. Eidson managed to twist the gun from the man’s hand, breaking his finger in the process. He then fired 15 rounds from the weapon out the door to make sure it was unloaded before he beat the man to near senselessness with the weapon. Lamar deputies had prior knowledge of a possible incident and a lookout for a red truck with three white males was issued. They had a suspect vehicle stopped when the gunfire from Eidson’s home erupted. In the confusion the driver – the only one in the truck – fled. Upon arriving at the home, deputies captured the beaten man and another suspect who was armed with an semi-automatic shotgun. The man who broke in the Eidsons’ front door has been identified as Charles Leroy Jeffries III, 25, of 129 Academy Drive in Barnesville. Paramedics were summoned to the scene to treat his injuries. He was attired in a military-issue, tactical vest. The man armed with the shotgun was reportedly home on leave from active duty in the middle east. The driver was arrested late Thursday afternoon in a neighboring county after a brief foot chase. They have been identified as Robbie Lamar Green, 19, of 391 Cecil Hunter Rd. in Moreland and Christopher Ryan Fuller, 21, of 1287 BoBo Banks Rd. in Newnan. All three face multiple charges including aggravated assault, conspiracy and possession of a firearm during commision of a felony. The investigation is ongoing, according to Major Brad White of the LCSO.

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