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Mark Richt is a dead man walking

The Georgia Bulldogs, taking on the passionless persona of their head coach Mark Richt, failed to score a touchdown New Year’s Eve and lost the Liberty Bowl to Central Florida. Yes, Central Florida ‘“ a team with perhaps one player that could make Georgia’s three-deep roster ‘“ beat Georgia 10-6. Many Georgia players were at an Usher concert the night before the game. Georgia fans also reported seeing many players in the bars and clubs along Beale Street in Memphis until the wee hours after the concert. And, somewhere, Erk Russell rotated in the Georgia clay. That the Dogs were not ready to play was obvious from the start. UCF returned the opening kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown only to have it called back on a penalty. One night prior the 30th anniversary of Georgia’s national title, Richt proved once again he is not a championship caliber coach when, after a 95yard drive to the UCF three, he kicked a field goal rather than go for it on fourth down and inches. That, sports fans, is proof positive we have a soft man in a job where softness is easily sensed and, thus, cannot be tolerated. Richt knew this was coming. In an interview a couple of days before the game, he went off topic and proclaimed himself to be the fourth winningest coach in the nation. That may be true, but Richt’s shooting star has long since crashed into an ocean of mediocrity. Behind his cool shades are the eyes of a man who has no fire in his belly. Some theorize Richt lost his passion for the game after his wife’s battle with cancer. That may be true but the entire Georgia football program is now eaten up with an attitudinal cancer that only a Richtectomy can cure. Others feel Richt is too devout and spends more time witnessing to his players than he does coaching them up. I have no problem with Richt saving souls. I do have a problem with his not saving critical timeouts. In the Liberty Bowl, he came out of a five minute TV break and had to call a timeout to correct personnel issues on the field. Again, a sure sign of a man who has lost control of his team, his staff and his sideline. It is obvious to fans, rabid and casual alike, that Richt’s heart is no longer in his work. However, athletic director Greg McGarity is sticking by his man. He and Richt both feel the current staff can correct the problems and return this team to an elite level. They are certainly of the minority opinion. Season ticket holders are now organizing an effort to buy their seats but let them sit empty for the coming season in hopes empty bleachers will pound home their message. Richt has lost his team and he has lost favor among the fan base. His support is at an all time low and is strong only among his own family and staff. I had high hopes he would reflect on his situation Saturday, go to church Sunday and then offer up his resignation. He did not and will apparently coach the team this fall. The thought here is Richt is a dead man walking. His team, as currently constituted, led and directed, will lose its first two games to Boise State and South Carolina and go into its now familiar death spiral. Richt will play out the string and then be fired. And, the damage to the Georgia football program will take years to repair.

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