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Milner sights in on blight

After passing a new definition of buildings for its utilities code to limit how long a temporary building can sit in town, Milner city council turned its eye on blighted properties. The new code broadly defines a building and limits those permitted for temporary use to a fourmonth period before it must be hooked up to utilities. On nuisance code violations, city manager Harold Wilson noted one person on the list to be sent a warning letter called city hall asking for help in cleaning up his property. ’He’s in very poor health,’ said Wilson at the May 9 meeting. ‘We found him at least one volunteer.’ Another case involves two houses on a lot that has split ownership between an attorney and two heirs. One of them needs to come down, said Wilson. However, the property is also involved in a bankruptcy and a lawsuit. ’It’s really not to your financial advantage to get involved,’ said city attorney Scott Mayfield. ‘There are 15 vehicles on the site that are owned by the tenant. We can move on that.’ Council also: ’¢ Noted revenue is up from budget expectations though invoices for fire station improvements and police grant reimbursal expenses have not yet been received. ’¢ Heard the first payment has been made on water and sewerage line replacement on Moore Street, with the last payment being withheld pending a final inspection. Negotiations are ongoing with Lamar County to get it repaved. Jeremiah Morris asked that speed bumps be added due to speeders and a recent DUI. Council tabled a suggestion to add speed limit signs and consider rumble strips during paving instead. ’¢ Heard the newer, simplified city charter was approved by the state and will be sent to the printers for re-codification. ’¢ Heard Mayor Joe Bostwick was nominated as third vice president of the Georgia Municipal Association District IV for 2012-13. ’¢ Heard another 420 feet of sidewalk construction on Main Street has been let.

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