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Milner springs big leak

By Sherri Ellington Water losses in August jumped to 31.9% of all wholesale water purchased, prompting Milner city council to call in help to find leaks or possible theft sites again. ’It’s bad, that’s all I can say,’ said city manager Harold Wilson at the Sept. 12 meeting. Milner lost $1,942.74 worth of water in the month, or 753,000 gallons. The month before ‘“ when the Lighthouse arson fire sucked up 85,000 gallons ‘“ the total loss was 393,000 gallons. This time, plans are to focus on the three nearly deserted subdivisions which had water lines laid before the economic repression hit. In one of those subdivisions two major leaks have been found before. ’I think there are some developmental problems,’ said councilwoman Bridget Fouts, who lives there. ’So many vacant lots got ground up and are just sitting there.’ Council also: ’¢ Approved on second reading a code that will allow Milner to collect fines on an expanded number of misdemeanor offenses. ’¢ Tabled a code regulating animals within the city limits. ’¢ Discussed three cleanup sites. One was sent to county code enforcement officer Wimpy Vaughn for citation, another seems to be moving forward and a third was cleaned up within a week of receiving a warning. ’¢ Heard paving equipment was on site for Moore Street and the next side walk work would be an extension up Main Street. ’¢ Discussed the Oct. 17 legislative meeting in Barnesville and an Oct. 18 Georgia Municipal Association meeting in Turin. ’¢ Approved its 2013 budget of $272,506 in general funds and $294,992 in the water fund. ’¢ Heard its Community Development Block Grant application was turned down but the Department of Community Affairs is sending a packet explaining why Milner’s bid to improve water lines in two mobile home parks did not make the cut. ’¢ Discussed putting its auditing services up for bid for 2012. ’¢ Tabled an offer to build council a new table for $450. ’¢ Discussed the placement of the new Milner Library and the pending closing of the United Bank branch there.

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