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Milner to up patrols due to increased thefts

Due to a rise in thefts, the Milner police department has increased its hours of patrol. Police chief Jake Sutton said at the Jan. 21 city council meeting he believes the increase in thefts is due to both the economy and Milner’s increased population. ’It won’t go away, but hopefully we can stop it a little bit,’ Sutton said. Sutton stressed Milner residents should call 911 in emergencies, not city hall or the police station. He has completed mutual aid agreements with all other local law enforcement, including the Lamar County sheriff’s office, Barnesville and Gordon police and Georgia State Patrol. ’That’s a big plus for us with increased patrols from the sheriff’s office and state patrol,’ he said. ‘It also means we may go outside the city at other agencies’ request’ in emergencies, should the Milner police department be closest to the call. ’At this end of the county sometimes we can get there quicker,’ he said. Sutton added he has been ‘made very welcome back’ to his old post and has been deputized by the sheriff’s office. ’That’s a marked improvement’ in cooperation with other agencies, said Milner Mayor Joe Bostwick. Sutton will attend required training in April and July, with 50% to 75% of costs being reimbursed.

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