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Missing man located after disappearing near High Falls

By Walter Geiger A Dogwood Circle man was found safe following a 3.5 hour search after he disappeared from the area near his home on High Falls Lake. Deputies were called to the area by Joseph Wayne Walker just after 6 a.m. Aug. 14. He told them his tenant at a nearby home, 43-yearold Joseph Richard Kirchaine arrived at his home intoxicated, referring to himself in the third person and repeating ‘˜Someone is going to die today’. Walker kept Kirchaine outside and went to retrieve his phone. When he returned Kirchaine was gone. Deputies went to Kirchaine’s home and found his girlfriend Yvonne Mahler. Mahler said the pair had argued and she thought Kirchaine was on the porch. She also reported he liked to go down and swim in the lake, which raised fears he had drowned. This triggered a large response to search for Kirchaine who had last been seen barefoot and in blue shorts. Sheriff Brad White and his staff sent for a DNR boat to search the water but Kirchaine was found before it arrived. He turned up at another home just up the street where the resident, thinking he was a burglar, confronted him with a shotgun. He was questioned, found to be unharmed and returned to his home. ’We don’t know if he was drunk or on drugs or what was wrong with him but we were concerned he might be in the lake,’ the sheriff concluded.

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