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Modern day Zorros busted by cops

(from the Thomaston Times/Michele Ford). Two Barnesville teens were arrested and a third was on the run after attempting a robbery in Thomaston July 14 that would certainly qualify them for the Dumb Crook News ‘“ especially if they were wearing the Zorro masks. Jerome Harris, 17; Kahana Jackson, 19; and Quenton Walker, 18, “drove into town with the express purpose of robbing someone,” said Thomaston police investigator Sidney Corley. The trio parked their car behind Zaxby’s restaurant and went to nearby Wal-Mart where police allege they stole three Zorro masks. From there, they crossed Highway 19 and went to Ingle’s, where “they waited for someone to walk past,” said Corley. They reportedly spotted a victim walking down Sixth Avenue and attempted to grab his cell phone. The victim responded, “What are you trying to do?” The answer, according to police: “We’re here to rob you.” The victim pulled out his wallet to show he had no money, said Corley. Panicked, the three teens ran off. Walker, whose mother owned the car, “was apparently the fastest runner. He made it back to the car and took off,” said Corley. “He left the other two men behind.” Officers from Thomaston and Upson County picked up Harris and Walker in the parking lot of First Presbyterian Church. ”They weren’t from around here and didn’t know where to run and hide,” said Corley. As of Friday afternoon, Walker was still being sought by law enforcement, including Lamar County which was assisting in the search.

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