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Monroe Co. issues composite drawing of burglary ring suspect

On Wednesday, September 23, 2009, at approximately 11:06 a.m., sheriff’s deputies and investigators from the Monroe County Sheriff’s office responded to a 911 call from a homeowner in northern Monroe County whose home was being burglarized by two unidentified male suspects. One male suspect knocked on the front door for approximately one to two minutes, while the second suspect, after seeing there was no response at the front door, went to the rear of the house and kicked in the dead-bolted back door. The back door was extensively damaged. The homeowner retreated to a rear bedroom and bathroom area of the house, locked herself in the bathroom and hid in the tub behind the shower doors. The suspects went from room to room and ransacked her house. Both suspects fled the home and left driving a black Dodge Magnun with dark tinted windows. Our victim was able to see one of the suspects as he exited the Dodge Magnum just prior to the burglary, and has met with a GBI Forensic artist to develop a composite drawing of the suspect. The drawing is attached. These same suspects are thought to be responsible for a second burglary in northern Monroe County on the same morning as well as possibly 20 to 24 other burglaries in Lamar, Spalding, Pike and Butts counties. No items were taken from either home in the burglaries in Monroe County but other victims in those other counties have reported stolen guns. We urge the public to contact their local law enforcement agency if this vehicle is seen in their area. Area residents are also encouraged to lock their homes and report any suspicious activity. If anyone has any information, please contact the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office at 478-994-7043. The Lamar Co. sheriff’s office issued this news release to The Herald-Gazette on the morning of September 29: Law enforcement needs the help of all citizens in the area. Lamar, Pike, Spalding, Butts, Monroe County, and Barnesville Police. have been experiencing an unprecedented number of bold daytime burglaries this week. Occurrences have been on Weldon Lake Road, Ridgeway Road, Cannafax Road, and Warner Road. Most have been in the northern part of Lamar County. A total of about ten burglaries have occurred in the five county area. Investigators have met to discuss strategies for working jointly to apprehend the thieves. Typically the burglar will knock on the front door many times in order to determine if anyone is at home. If the homeowner comes to the door they may ask for directions to a nearby location. If no one answers the door they may kick in the front door and enter the home, open every cabinet and drawer, pull out items from closets, and in some cases throw the cushions off couches. In most cases valuables have been rejected and, in only a few cases, have items been taken. Firearms were stolen from one house and other small items have been taken from a few. We expect that the motive for the burglaries is money and possibly prescription drugs. A black Dodge Magnum, with a partial tag number KBT and has been spotted at some of the crimes and descriptions of the suspects are only that there are two black or Hispanic males. The tag may be a North Carolina plate. We ask that everyone be on the lookout for this vehicle, call 911, and if ANYONE comes to your door asking for directions call 911 immediately. Please DO NOT attempt to apprehend these criminals. On two occasions they have gotten no answer by knocking and have kicked the door in with a homeowner present. Both times, upon seeing the homeowner, they have fled. If you see anyone unknown and suspicious to you at your residence activate your alarm system. If you have an automobile with keyless remote press your panic alarm. The alarm sounding may discourage them and cause them to flee. In either case call 911 immediately. We ask that you guard your property, keep your doors locked, and secure your valuables. Law enforcement from five counties, the GA State Patrol, and DNR are working tirelessly to find these thieves and we will prosecute them. Thanks for any information you have. Be careful and be on guard.

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