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More on copper thefts, punishment

Last week’s epistle on copper thieves, the damage they do, the question of whether the current prescribed punishment fits their crimes and placing some of that punishment burden on the backs of scrap dealers who buy stolen metal drew a vast, varied reaction. First and in fairness, with regard to the issue of restitution for the metal theft at our office: Towaliga circuit district attorney Richard Milam phoned to tell me his office never received the paperwork I filled out on our theft. If that paperwork had arrived at the proper desk, we presumably would be in line for whatever blood the probation department could squeeze from the thieving turnips. That is a good thing. Many felt having to show an ID to sell scrap metal was an infringement on their personal liberties. I just don’t understand that position. Perhaps they have forgotten about the rights of those whose properties are destroyed to supply the thugs with the fruit of their illicit labor?

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