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Muslims dislike Arizona law; want mosque at Ground Zero in NYC

From the Muslm American Society…. On May 18, Muslim American Society Freedom (MASF) joined the ACLU and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) along with other plaintiffs in filing a lawsuit in the US District Court of Arizona challenging Arizona’s new law requiring police to demand “papers” from people they stop who they suspect are not authorized to be in the US. MASF is a civic and civil rights advocacy division of the Muslim American Society, America’s largest Muslim grassroot organization. ”Although we are the only Muslim organization to file as plaintiffs in the lawsuit, we feel that the need to challenge legalized racial profiling is a moral and civic imperative stated Mahdi Bray, Executive Director of MAS Freedom. “Clearly Arizona’s SB-1070 is unconstitutional and opens the doors for racist practices in addressing immigration issues.” Bray further stated, “With the legal assistance of the Partnership for Civil Justice, a Washington DC law firm who specializes in civil rights protection, MAS Freedom is launching a nationwide “No More Arizona Campaign”. The campaign through town hall meetings and education material assists citizens and immigrants in challenging discriminatory immigration practices.” And….MAS is distributing this nugget. Do you think a mosque should be erected near ground zero where Muslims killed thousands of American citizens? Plans for an Islamic cultural center and mosque near New York City’s most hallowed ground have divided families of the nearly 3,000 people who perished on Sept. 11, 2001.While details of the funding for the $100 million complex just two blocks from the former World Trade Center site remain sketchy, proponents say the project would be a bridge between Islam and a city still recovering from the worst terrorist attack on American soil.For some survivors, erecting a mosque and 12-story glass-and-steel complex at the old Burlington Coat Factory at 45 Park Place in lower Manhattan is offensive. For others, the cultural center represents a step towards improved relations with the Muslim world.

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