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Need a great gift idea for your spouse?

By Rev. Jay Tenney Ok, so what’s the best Christmas gift that you received last year? It’s tough to remember isn’t it? Honestly, I can’t remember what the best gift that I received was either but I’m sure that it came from my wife and I’m sure that I loved it! Each year leading up to Christmas we spend all kinds of time and energy searching for the perfect gifts for the people that we love. We all want to get them the best gift possible right? It’s just what we do this time of year and that’s a good thing. So if you’re still wondering what to get your husband or wife please allow me to make a suggestion. Give them the gift of your time and your presence. That’s actually the best marriage advice that I can give this time of year. Sure, shower them with the store bought gifts that they’ve dropped hints about but also make sure you block off some time this Christmas just to be together. It really is the best gift that we have to give and it will help your marriage immensely. Someone once said that ‘Time is the greatest currency of love, not money’. Think about that for a minute. Do you really believe that? If you do, then that’s going to affect the way you approach Christmas this year. Trust me ladies, your husbands will appreciate a quiet romantic dinner with you at your favorite restaurant much more than another pair of slippers or a tie. Guys, your wives will love a couple of nights at a bed and breakfast much more than a sweater and a pair of shoes. Now, I’m not suggesting that you give your time to your spouse simply to get out of buying a gift! (So guys don’t tell your wives that a weekend away with you is just as good as a pair of diamond earrings!) That’s not exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking about making sure that your marriage doesn’t get neglected during this busy season. I’m talking about blocking off some time to spend with your spouse. That’s actually what my wife and I have decided that we’re going to give each other this year for Christmas. We talked and we both already have everything that we need. The one thing that we don’t have enough of is time to spend with each other so we decided that we’re going to get away together for a couple of days after Christmas. We don’t have an agenda. Our only plan is to be together. That’s our gift to each other and I’ve got to tell you that really will be the best gift I could ask for. You know, the material things that we give don’t really have a lasting impact do they? It’s the time that we spend with each other, that’s what really matters. So yes, go ahead and get her the diamond earrings but also remember that the greatest gifts that we can give to our spouses will be our time, our presence, and our undivided attention. Merry Christmas! For more from Rev. Tenney, see his website at

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