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New clerk Caleb Tyson looks forward to serving

By Kay S. Pedrotti Chief deputy clerk Caleb Tyson will fill the post of superior court clerk vacated by Frank Abbott on his retirement Dec. 31. Tyson has much praise for Abbott ‘my father-in-law and friend whom I respect very much.’ Tyson acknowledges that he will be in a learning process because Abbott has held the post for so long that the retiring clerk has become a true source of almostinstant information. ’I believe that this job will be for me an opportunity to work with people, to have a sense of worth and accomplishment from an occupation that makes such a significant contribution to society,’ Tyson said. ‘I feel so fortunate to live next door to Mr. Abbott, who has said he will be available when needed. I just hope everyone will be patient with me and know that it may take a little while to answer their questions.’ Tyson plans to begin the state certification process, having served as deputy clerk since January 2013. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and previously worked with a company on special projects in home construction. He and his wife Elizabeth have three sons, Levi, 11; Ethan, 9, and Joshua, 7. Tyson said he had a few ‘hobby activities’ before he married but now is ‘dedicated to spending my time with my wife and family.’ He will hunt and fish, he said, ‘with the kids involved too.’ Tyson said the court process will probably involve more and more technological advances such as ‘going paperless’ as a number of other counties have done. There is a program called ‘My Vault’ which has a triple-backup feature for all court documents which will be invaluable, he said, especially in cases of storms or fires that destroy vital records. ‘I am looking forward to serving,’ said Tyson, ‘even if I have to learn some things the hard way, I’ll still be learning and making a difference.’

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