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Notice to property taxpayers

From chief appraiser Jeannie Haddock: Lamar County, along with many other counties in Georgia are experiencing what can only be described as an “inflated” real estate market. The combination of historically low interest rates, with historically high construction costs, are driving home sales to an all-time high. Unfortunately, if there are enough sales within the county that are a certain percentage higher than the Assessors values, the Georgia State Audit Department mandates an increase in property values. This is what has happened in Lamar County. Current 2020 sales have indicated that Lamar County was well below the accepted sales ratio range for the Audit Department. While an increase in property values is probable, a representative from Norman Appraisal Services will be available to discuss individual properties with taxpayers. A sales package will be provided to taxpayers upon request, containing sales throughout Lamar County of like properties. The package will be provided to show how low Lamar County Residential property values were last year compared to current year sales. The amount of increase to each property, while significant, should not be basis for appeals, but the value of your home, compared to sales within Lamar County. The increase to property values in Lamar County are based solely on current market adjustments and have nothing to do with taxes or need to increase revenue.

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