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Old people and acronyms

I toss those acronyms around like I know what they mean. I learned early in life that DUI and DWI meant basically the same thing. It was simple, my fines were so similar. Then God made designated drivers. He works in mysterious ways. This new language is a little more confusing to me. I have learned to be very careful. True story. A friend of mine had a death in her family. I sent a beautiful sympathy e-mail to her. I signed it LOL, Your Friend, Sheila. Most certainly meaning…Lots of Love….I sent a copy to my son in case he remembered the person. He responded that I should Spell out “Lots of Love.” My son is brilliant on computers and explained that LOL means Laugh Out Loud. When I went to the funeral, I said I am so sorry (meaning the e-mail.) She bragged so long on my sweet and touching e-mail. Whew, was I relieved. After a few years, we can both laugh at OUR stupidity. Time is a Major Blessing for Folks. MBF. Nope, I can’t use that. It is already taken too!! Sheila Tolley

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