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On the beat: Sleeping smoker busted

Incident report summaries July 30 – August 6; compiled by Kay S. Pedrotti The Herald Gazette has begun this feature in an effort to show the mayhem our police officers and sheriff’s deputies face everyday. Reporters will go through the reports each week,gleaning those that are unusual or of the most interest to readers. Beer bottle flotilla: The sheriff’s office investigated a report from Ponderosa Lane about beer bottles from one residence being carried by rainwater runoff to a neighbor’s yard. Dep. Michael Hamrick reported that Barry Hoover of 228 Ponderosa Lane made a complaint at the sheriff’s office Aug. 1 that ‘when it rains or floods the water carried his neighbor’s (226 Ponderosa Lane) beer bottles onto his property.’ Hoover said he is not blaming the neighbors but thinks that the county ‘needs to come look at the drainage system,’ also said to be affecting Hoover’s driveway. Hamrick’s report did not state whether Hoover had run over any bottles. Dangerous time to nap: Sgt. Lamar Bunn noticed during patrol that a car was parked with headlights on near a dumpster at the Hot Shot convenience store on Aug. 2. ’It appeared that the driver was passed out and could possibly need help,’ the report notes. He approached the driver’s side window, which was down, and found Danielle Lynn Brooks of Jackson asleep on the steering wheel. He ‘observed a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana in the subject’s lap … next to the suspected marijuana were rolling (smoking) papers.’ Sgt. Bunn took a picture of ‘the findings’ and woke up the woman, who stated her ‘old man’ would not allow her to come home after an argument and she had nowhere to sleep. She was placed under arrest, taken to jail and charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Brooks was given bond and so did not sleep in the jail. Possible pony abuse: Deputy Jeannie Devane talked to complainant Cameron Lee Hadley of Concord at the LCSO on Aug. 4 about a straying miniature pony who might have been a victim of abuse. Hadley said he saw the pony in the roadway at the end of Piedmont Road near the county line. Hadley told Devane the pony had a lead rope on it and ‘the animal’s front left leg had its hoof cocked to the left.’ He got the pony out of the road and told the neighbor about the issue. The complainant said the pony ‘did not look in good health at all,’ said Devane’s report. On his second time driving through the area, Hadley stated, the pony was again in the roadway and he notified the owners who were at the residence. According to Hadley’s statement, ‘a white male from the residence came out of the house and started kicking rocks at the pony.’ He advised he did not think the pony was being taken care of and wanted someone to check it out, Devane said in the report. Hadley also offered to give the pony a good home if the owners did not want it. Devane recorded that an attempt was made to check on the pony but neither the little horse nor the residence had been found as of Aug. 5. Toddler saved, mom charged: On Aug. 6, a fork lift operator at B&B Fabrications in Milner spotted a toddler, clad only in a diaper, behind his vehicle just before starting to back up, according to a report by Sgt. Michael Bailey of the LCSO. The operator ‘stepped off the fork lift and took the juvenile to a safe location’ and called the sheriff’s office to file a report. Investigator Laura Hughes of the criminal investigation division also responded. The deputies went door to door in the area in an attempt to find the child’s legal guardian, Bailey’s report states. Located at 530 Old Highway 41 Lot F-11, the mother of the juvenile was identified as Leanna Nicole Phillips. Hughes and the Department of Family and Children Services received the case and placed two juveniles in the custody of relatives for investigation purposes, said Bailey’s report. Phillips was charged with one count of child neglect. No more information was available.

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