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On the Beat

Drunk drivers, identity theft and an outraged adult female who climbed aboard a school bus to fight with a passenger kept deputies busy last week, according to a summary of incident reports for the period March 8-14. On March 8, Dep. Michael Martin responded to 129 Shady Brook Ln. at 12:53 a.m. regarding a suicide threat. The male who had threatened suicide was the only one in the residence and demanded deputies leave. In that the man was the only one in the home, was a threat to no one but himself and had not committed a crime, deputies complied. On March 8, Capt. Jake Sutton met with a man regarding a child visitation issue. He claimed the mother had struck the child in the face and neck and left the child in a truck for long periods at her place of employment. On March 9, Sgt. Michael Newman worked a collision on Hwy. 36 East in which a Henry County deputy’s vehicle struck an animal. On March 8, Dep. Bossie Davis responded to 183 Dogwood Cir. where a man claimed Cory Davis, whom he and his wife had kicked out of their home, kept contacting them by text and other social media. The victims were referred to magistrate court and instructed to get screen shots of threatening messages. On March 10, Dep. Kathryn Farr went to 126 Freeman Rd. where the resident said his stack of cinder blocks had slowly started disappearing over the last few months. He suspected his neighbor. He noticed a black male with a pickup truck backed up to the property line near the block pile. When the driver noticed him, he moved the truck quickly. The victim provided two week’s worth of trail camera images of the thefts. The case was turned over to CID. On March 11, Dep. Farr went to 124 Aldora St. at 1:48 a.m. in response to a call about an unwanted drunk subject on the property. The intoxicated male was found in some bushes. The wayward drunk was escorted home by his wife. On March 11, Lt. Shane Moore met with a man at the sheriff’s office whose tax return was denied because someone had stolen his identity and previously filed a fraudulent return using his Social Security number. On March 11 at 1:14 a.m., Dep. Michael Martin went to 1247 Hwy. 41 South where a man said his son had broken his phone in a dispute. On March 11, Dep. Farr responded to 789 Veterans Parkway where she met with a female who alleged a male was violating a protective order she has against him. On March 12, Lt. Moore responded to a single vehicle wreck on Country Kitchen Road in which a man ran off the roadway, hit a concrete water valve marker, then drove back up onto the road. Since it was cold and raining, Lt. Moore let the driver, 21-yearold Robert L. Rutherford, sit in the back of his car while he worked the wreck. Rutherford’s listed address is 202 Carleeta St. but he claimed to be traveling to 98 Chatfield Rd. He insisted he was on Hwy. 80 about to turn onto Chatfield Road when he wrecked. Rutherford admitted to drinking and smoking a ‘˜couple hits’ of marijuana. Rutherford went to jail. His charges included DUI, striking a fixed object and failure to maintain lane. On March 12, Dep. Ashley Johnson worked a dog complaint at 108 Horseshoe Bend where Michael Johnson claimed he was bitten by a white pit bull while fishing in his backyard. Animal control was summoned. The dog subsequently charged the animal control officer and Dep. Johnson tasered the animal. On March 13, Dep. Farr went to Milner Methodist Church at 4:15 a.m. where she met with a woman whose juvenile daughter was missing. The woman said she allowed the daughter to go to a party on Silver Dollar Road. When the mother went to pick up the juvenile, she learned she had gone to Fayetteville with some friends. Dep. Farr contacted the daughter who eventually met her and the parents at the sheriff’s office. The juvenile and her friends were questioned and then released. On March 13, Dep. Jonathan Hamrick worked a case at the county bus barn. The driver reported a Tabotha Wilkerson got on the bus at 167 Lanette Circle and got into an altercation with a passenger. (See related story, front page.) On March 13, Dep. Bossie Davis went to 1267 Hwy. 341 South where a man was found unresponsive in a red Ford F-150 pickup. The man was taken to Monroe County Hospital but later died. CID was notified and a death investigation begun. On March 14 at 12:34 p.m., Lt. Michael Bailey was running radar on Ga. Hwy. 7 near Milner when he clocked a tan 2002 Nissan Altima running 83 mph. in a 60 mph. zone. The driver, 29-year-old David Wright, admitted to speeding claiming he had an urgent need for a bathroom. It was determined his driver’s license was suspended for failure to appear in court. He went to jail charged with suspended license and super speeder violation. On March 13 at 3:06 p.m., Dep. Wayman Henson responded to a traffic accident on Five Points Rd. near its intersection with the dirt portion of Grove Street. The female complainant said she was approaching a curve when she saw an oncoming speeding vehicle in her lane. The speeding vehicle crashed, damaging a fence, and the driver fled into a field. Dep. Henson spotted the driver, 20-year-old Robert A. White, running in the field and ordered him to stop. He complied and was cuffed. White said he was ‘˜going to the woods to lay down for a little bit’. He smelled of alcohol and two empty plastic bags of the type used for illegal drugs were found in his vehicle which was impounded. White went to jail charged with DUI, suspended registration, failure to maintain lane, failure to notify owners upon striking a fixed object and driving too fast for conditions. On March 14, Dep. Patten worked a damage to property complaint at a home at 759 Old Milner Rd. where roofing insulation had been damaged. 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