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One woman’s letter of survival

This is by far, the most dangerous drug on planet Earth. In a very short time, it is capable of devastating anyone’s life who is foolish enough to start using it. What starts out as a “love at first sight, dream come true ” soon becomes a “nightmare from Hell” experience. The intense pleasure that lures someone to keep using soon fades and turns into a compulsion to use larger and larger quantities just to feel “normal.” People who use this drug often become very paranoid and are prone to violent and bizarre behavior. Meth is sometimes called “The Walkaway Drug”, as men and women will walk away from everything that once was important to them–jobs, families, spouses, and children are all sacrificed for this drug. One of the myths about Meth is that people can’t or won’t quit using it. I’m not saying that it’s easy, but just the same–many people do quit. It happens all the time. The letter accompanying this article is one woman’s brief tale of her sons and their remarkable recoveries.

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