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Only one family left in soon to be closed mill village

By Walter Geiger Of the 42 homes in the soon to be closed Aldora Mill Village only one is still occupied. The absolute deadline for those renters to be out of the home is July 1. Incentives were provided for those who moved out earlier. Once the last tenants are out, the house movers will be contacted, according to Aldora mayor Jimmy Matthews. Matthews said Eddie Buice of Barnesville bought 10 homes and is ready to move those when summoned. One home has already been moved. Once the old village is completely vacated, the intersections of Graham and Fouse streets with Peacock Street will be barricaded and blocked of with loads of dirt to keep out vandals and vagrants. The only entrance to the area will be located on Fouse Street. ‘We will give keys to only law enforcement, fire fighters and the house movers,’ Matthews reported. The land will be developed into a gated community with about 20 all new homes on large lots surrounded by considerable green space. All the utilities will be underground. ’People will own their homes and lots but we will cut all the grass and do the maintenance. They won’t need a lawnmower,’ Matthews added. Fouse and Graham streets will end in cul de sacs, enclosing the area. There will be no access from Peacock Street. ’We are going to have to sit down and interview builders and developers about the new construction. We may build a model home and offer several variations on it. We may end up functioning as our own contractor before all is said and done,’ Matthews added. At one time, the mill village boasted 77 homes and had its own school, baseball field, church and company store. The water and sewer lines beneath the aging complex have deteriorated beyond the point of repair, necessitating action. ’We want to get rid of the mill village stigma. It is going to be nice. Our goal is to make it an asset; make it a showplace the community can be proud of,’ Matthews concluded.

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