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Over $3.6 million collected in taxes

Lamar County commissioners approved the annual charge-offs and charge-ons from July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011. The net result was a loss of $176,328.65 in Georgia, county, school and Barnesville taxes. ’It’s still a bit high,’ said tax commissioner Andrea L. Anthony. ‘I think a lot of this includes the conservation exemptions that got messed up.’ Last year’s total charge on/off’s were reported at a loss of $198,639.12. A complete 48 page report showing details of each taxpayer and reasons for the adjustments is available for viewing in the tax commissioner’s office. These include wrong values, incorrect homesteads, requests for a year’s support from estates, double charges, going out of business, moving, the wrong owner, deceased owners, record cleanups, uncollectible taxes ‘“ those more than three years old ‘“ and not being able to locate a property owner.

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