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Paid a speeding fine lately? You may get your money back.

Sheriff Larry Waller announced today that a total of 126 speeding tickets dating from August 2008 through February 2, 2009 have to be dismissed. The citations’ dismissal was because of the failure, last August, to have the radar units re-certified. Unit recertification is required at 12 month intervals. Lamar County Probate Court Judge Kathy Martin reported that the county will have to reimburse $3,990 in fines that have already been paid. Unpaid fines on the cases that have yet to come to court total $9,735. Lamar County receives 60% of fine revenue collected in the Probate Court and the other 40% is distributed to other state mandated purposes. The net effect on the Lamar County general fund was about $8,000. Radar units were re-certified the day after the failure was discovered. One hundred citations for speeding were written in January 2009 and 26 were written in the five months between August 2008 and December 2008.

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