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Paul Calloway is Milner’s top citizen

By Sherri Ellington William Paul Calloway is Milner’s Citizen of the Year for 2012, receiving the honor at the Dec. 12 meeting. Calloway is known to most of Milner simply as Paul, and has lived in Milner, and in only two houses, for some 62 years. He finished his formal education at Milner High School in 1957. ’Paul doesn’t know work is a fourletter word,’ said Mayor Joe Bostwick, who told several stories about how Callaway helped Milner voluntarily over the years. ’To him it’s the same as life and service. Paul spent some 40 years merrily humming ‘˜I’ve been working on the railroad,’ which took him all over the Southeast, but he always came home to Milner.’ Callaway had two other jobs, as custodian for Milner Baptist Church for 50 years and Bethel Baptist Church for 25 to 35 years. Even after retirement, Callaway applied his abundant energy, skills, goodwill and resources to help his fellow citizens and the community. ’Paul never seeks the limelight,’ said Mayor Bostwick. ‘Most of his work and generosity go unnoticed. Paul has earned the gratitude and respect of the citizens for his diligence in making Milner a better place to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ Calloway attended the meeting along with his wife Winifred and daughter Evelyn Merchant. Council also: ’¢ Heard there are still some title issues involved with the Rudy’s building, stemming from a mortgage with a bank that failed during the 2008 financial meltdown. The old bank building has been turned over to the library board. ’¢ Tabled reapplication for what is now known as a Rural Development Block Grant for the Bedsole mobile home park because it has still not received information from the Department of Community Affairs why the last application was rejected. ’¢ Heard about half the property taxes, about $21,392, has been collected. ’¢ Discussed two nuisance properties, deciding to move ahead with appraisal of the restaurant downtown that burned years ago. If feasible, Milner will condemn it. ’¢ Heard the Department of Transportation will give Milner $9,993.14 under the Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant. Milner must match 30% of that for a total of $14,247.34. The single project targeted will cost a little under $12,000, leaving some left over for smaller projects. Milner is still waiting for the DOT to inspect the last paving job it paid for, which it wants redone. ’¢ Approved its 2013 paid holidays. ’¢ Heard all meters are being read on the same day and Barnesville is replacing those needed as it goes, but another large leak was found in Woodall Estates in an area where the road has gone bad and the sandy land is sinking. It put the water loss back up to 26.5% again for November. Milner now owns all the infrastructure in the failed subdivisions. ’¢ Authorized Bostwick to renew the annual signature loan. ’¢ Accepted a low bid of $4,362 from Broadus Smith as the city auditor.

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