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Police report

Between Monday, April 1 and Monday, April 15 the Barnesville Police Department made the following arrests: Virginia Williams, 55, 1035 Harwell St., NW, Atlanta, identity fraud; Omar Santibanez, 43, 1363 Barrett Bluff Cir., Lawrenceville, driving without a license and seatbelt violation; Keith Raymond, 58, 317 Eagle Ridge Rd., Macon, driving without a license and failure to maintain insurance, Robert Russell, 30, 803 Piedmont Woods Cir., Barnesville, driving without a license and failure to use turn signals; Edward Walton, 31, 815 Piedmont Woods Apts., Barnesville, financial transaction card theft; Jason Fields, 26, 134 Yatesville Rd., Barnesville, disorderly; Romano Hightower, 20, 99 Freeman Rd., Griffin, possession of MDMA schedule I controlled substance, DUI, driving without a license and failure to maintain lane; Deborah Ledbetter, 19, 350 Liberty Hill Rd., Griffin, possession of MDMA controlled substance. Thomas Kendall, 20, 3262 Weems Rd., Molena, driving on suspended license; Joshua Smith, 19, 427 City Pond Rd., Barnesville, failure to maintain lane and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana; Charles Crummie, 44, 291 Bypass Rd., Barnesville, disorderly; Vanessa Rogers, 43, 627 Greenwood St., Barnesville, warrant; Jessie Turner, 22, 125 North St., Barnesville, failure to appear; James Long, 57, 205 Georgia Ave., Barnesville, failure to appear; Sean Richards, 19, 692 Pennybrook Ln., Stone Mountain, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and failure to stop; Samario Collier, 20, 2021 Cox Ct., Apt. C., Atlanta, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana; Jessica McAnelly, 29, 94 Roger St., Barnesville, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug related objects, headlight requirements and 30 day license violation; James Arnold, 43, 130 Church St., Barnesville, possession of meth and possession of drug related objects. There were 426 calls for service including: three fights, seven animal complaints, one fireworks, 63 security checks, one abandoned vehicle, one shoplifting, one prowler, one burglary, 23 domestics, 21 foot patrols, 41 suspicious persons/vehicles, one suicide/attempt, 13 speeding, 14 accidents, one intoxicated pedestrian, one hit and run, 19 escorts, 14 alarms, one drug traffic and one fire. They issued 79 citations including: one no license on person, one failure to maintain insurance, one failure to use signal, five possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, one no tag, two driving or participating in a race, one handsfree law, two driving on suspended license, two operating with learner’s permit, 25 speeding, two running red light, two failure to maintain lane, one failure to yield, six failure to stop, two headlight violation, one tag light violation, one no brake lights, two failure to dim headlights, four seatbelt violations, three open container, three disorderly, one obstruction, three license plate display, three driving without a license, and one contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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