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Possibly rabid coyote shot on GSC campus

A police officer shot and killed a possibly rabid coyote on campus earlier this week. Officer Renfroe of the Gordon Police Department encountered the coyote just after 6 a.m. on March 12. At first, Renfroe thought the coyote was a dog and attempted to call it over to him. He then realized the animal was a coyote which showed no fear of him and circled him – sometimes coming within 15 yards. He radioed for assistance and officer Jesse Blackmon of the BPD arrived on the scene near the corner of Georgia and Florida avenues. Blackmon shot the coyote with a load of buckshot from his service shotgun and then finished it off with his Glock. The coyote was picked up for testing by Barnesville Animal Control. Gordon spokesperson Tamara Boatwright said the animal was presumed to be rabid due to its unusual behavior.

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