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Price: Vote ‘yes’ on Amendment 2

By Dr. Spencer Price Death due to trauma is an ever present danger in our fast paced society. In fact, trauma is a leading cause of death in America in nearly every age group, especially adolescents, teens, and young adults. As if that isn’t scary enough, trauma-related death rates in Georgia are 20 percent higher than the national average. Part of the reason for this dangerous and deadly statistic is the fact that access to trauma care is severely limited for many Georgians. However, there is a good chance that situation will begin to change after this election cycle. On the ballot this year is Ballot Amendment 2, an initiative to alter the Georgia State Constitution in order to provide a dedicated funding source for the enhancement of trauma-related services throughout the state. The Amendment calls for a $10 fee for annual vehicle registration that will generate an estimated $80 million a year. These funds, as clarified in the Amendment, can only be spent on trauma-related services and cannot be diverted to other uses. Currently, Georgia has 16 trauma centers with only four ‘“ Atlanta, Macon, Augusta, and Savannah ‘“ designated as Level One trauma centers meaning comprehensive, 24-hour dedicated trauma services. Some estimates place the number of trauma centers necessary to adequately provide services to all Georgians at 30. Further, of the existing trauma centers, several are in need of upgrades to state-of-the-art equipment and training of personnel. As mentioned above, money raised through Ballot Amendment 2 would be spent directly on these improvements. More specifically, according to the website (a website dedicated to promoting and explaining Ballot Amendment 2), the funds would be utilized to ‘train 911 personnel, paramedics, critical care nurses and physicians, increase rapid transport, provide life-saving equipment and technology, and upgrade more hospitals to trauma centers.’ The potential benefits of such a program are obvious and apply to all Georgians. However, those Georgians living the greatest distance from trauma centers (such as in the more rural areas of central and south Georgia) stand to gain the most in terms of access to trauma-related services. Expanding these services to all regions of the state is one of the goals of the supporters of Ballot Amendment 2. In times of high unemployment and a depressed economy, we all must remain ever more diligent regarding the way in which we spend our hard-earned money. As bitter experience has often taught Americans, many government programs yield benefits far less than promised. However, Ballot Amendment 2, due to its careful wording designed to prevent funds generated from being spent on other project, holds out promise we can believe in and feel good about supporting. Few times in life are we presented with an opportunity to benefit so much at so little cost. In fact, the $10 fee might be the best money any of us ever spend. That’s because the money could go toward saving a life ‘“ a neighbor, a friend, a family member, or even our own. This year, feel good about spending some money for a change and vote yes on Ballot Amendment 2.

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