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Prosecution outlines falsehoods in Sumner statement

After hearing from an assistant medical examiner from the state crime lab regarding the cause of Alexandra Noelle Desir’s death, the jury in the hit and run trial of Bobbie Jo Sumner watched on video as she misled investigators before finally confessing she knew she had hit something but didn’t stop. Medical examiner Keith Lehman testified that Desir died of a broken neck likely caused when her body hit the sidewalk after impact. Lehman said Desir likely expired in a time period he described as lasting seconds up to 10 minutes after she was struck on Rose Avenue just before midnight on June 29, 2013. Much of Wednesday morning’s testimony was taken up with BPD investigator Al Moltrum on the stand. Lead prosecutor James Moss led him through a dissection of a statement Sumner made to Moltrum and Craig Cooper at the police station on July 2, 2013. A video of the statement was played for the jurors who were also given a transcript to follow as they watched and listened. As she was talking to Cooper and Moltrum, Sumner did not know investigators had already found her Saturn Vue at the home of Robert King in Spalding County and it was being processed by veteran GBI crime scene specialist Lanny Cox. King died last week. In the statement, Sumner laughed off and on as she stuck with her story that she had hit a deer. She insisted King towed the car from Ga. Hwy 7 near its intersection with Five Points Road after she hit a deer and her steering locked up on Friday, June 28 at about 4:30 p.m. At one point, she said the deer almost came through the windshield. Moltrum and Cooper left the room and returned. They told Sumner her car was being processed by a crime scene unit. “No seriously, I hit a deer. Honest to God,” Sumner replied. Moltrum responded, “There is no deer hair on the car. You know what is there. Red fibers off a shirt.” Sumner bowed her head and her story slowly changed. Finally she said, “I was driving and I heard something. I had no idea what it was. I freaked out. I went, oh crap, I done hit something. At first I thought I had hit, like you know – you know you have the cone things in the road and stuff. That’s what I was thinking…..Because, I honest to God never saw anything and I’m being serious. I really did not. And I know I should have stopped. I messed up. I can’t change it.” Court broke for lunch just before noon. Proceedings resume at 1 p.m. with Sumner’s aunt, Peggy Sumner, on the stand.

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