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Public Notices 05-12-20 In the Probate Court of Lamar County State of Georgia In Re: Estate of Skylar Jaquitta Marie Fore, deceased Estate No. 8715 Petition for Letters of Administration Notice To: Whom it may concern: Janice Kay Marie Fore has petitioned for Janice Kay Marie Fore to be appointed Administrator(s) of the estate of Skylar Jaquitta Marie Fore deceased, of said County. (The Petitioner has also applied for waiver of bond and/or grant of certain powers contained in O.C.G.A. § 53-12-261.) All interested parties are hereby notified to show cause why said Petition should not be granted. All objections to the Petition must be in writing, setting forth the grounds of any such objections, and must be filed with the Court on or before May 25, 2020. Be Notified Further: All objections to the Petition must be in writing, setting forth the grounds of any such objections. All objections should be sworn to before a notary public or before a Probate Court Clerk, and filing fees must be tendered with your objections, unless you qualify to file as an indigent party. Contact Probate Court personnel for the required amount of filing fees. If any objections are filed, a hearing will be scheduled at a later date. If no objections are filed, the Petition may be granted without a hearing.’¨/s/Kathryn B. Martin, Judge of the Probate Court, 326 Thomaston Street, Suite 6, Barnesville, Georgia 30204. 770-358-5155. (4-28)(4)(p) IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF LAMAR COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA In Re: KAREN RENEE JACKSON Civil Action File No. 20B-173-F NOTICE OF PETITION TO CHANGE NAME GEORGIA, Lamar County Notice is hereby given that Karen Renee Jackson filed her petition to the Superior Court of Lamar County, Georgia on the 27th day of April, 2020, praying for a change in the name of petitioner from Karen Renee Jackson to Karen Renee Henson. Notice is hereby given pursuant to law to any interested or affected party to appear in said Court and to file objections to such name change. Objections must be filed with said Court within 30 days of the filing of said petition. This 27th day of April, 2020. John Geiger, Attorney, Williams & Geiger, LLC, 1108 Washington St Ste A, Perry, GA 31069. (5-5)(4)(p)(aff) D.R.’s Mini Storage, 100 Liberty St., Barnesville, will have a public auction under Article 5 of the Ga. Code Chapter 44-12 on Saturday, May 23, 2020 at 10 a.m. The following units will be sold: #008 Kenneth Sampson, #190 Titus Brown, #192 Gloria Dixson, #238 Karrie Stewart, #199 Rodriquez Foster, #579 Glenda Parks. A $40 clean out deposit is required at the sale. D.R.’s has the right to refuse any and all bids. Call 770-358-4023 for more information. (5-5)(2)(p) NOTICE OF SEIZURE AND FORFEITURE STATE OF GEORGIA VS. A 1987 Toyota Pickup Truck VIN JT4RN68RXH0172991 Case No. 20B-174-W On or about March 4, 2020, on and around Georgia Highway 7 in Milner, Lamar County, Georgia, officers with the Milner Police Department seized the above-listed property. At the date and time of the seizure Keith Dwayne Jones was the driver of the above-referenced vehicle. Defendant was travelling on Georgia Highway 7 in Milner, Lamar County, Georgia, and was stopped for traffic violations by an Officer with the Milner Police Department. A probable cause search of the said vehicle was conducted due to open containers of alcohol being present within, in plain view. The search yielded a quantity of methamphetamine in a jacket pocket, which also contained Jones’ dentures. In addition, Jones has prior felony drug arrests. The above-referenced property is forfeitable under O.C.G.A. § 16-13-49, in that it was used or intended for use, directly or indirectly, to facilitate a violation of Georgia’s controlled substance laws in Milner, Lamar County, Georgia, on March 4, 2020, punishable by imprisonment for more than one year and was used to transport a quantity of methamphetamine, a controlled substance in Georgia. NOTICE The owners of the property described above and persons, corporations, or other entities possessing any interest in the above property must file a claim as required by O.C.G.A. § 9-16-11 within 30 days of the date of the second publication of this notice. All claims shall be served upon the State’s Attorney, Cynthia Trimboli Adams at 326 Thomaston Street, Barnesville, Georgia, 30204, by certified mail or statutory overnight delivery, return receipt requested. Such claim shall be signed by the owner or interest holder and shall provide the following: Name and address of the claimant; a description of the claimant’s interest in the property; a description of the circumstances of how the claimant obtained an interest in the property and, to the best of the claimant’s knowledge, the date the interest was obtained and the name of the person or entity that transferred said interest to the claimant; the nature of the relationship between the claimant and the person who possessed the property at the time of the seizure; a copy of any documentation supporting the claim; and any additional facts supporting the claim. (5-5)(2)(b) STATE OF GEORGIA COUNTY OF LAMAR NOTICE OF SALE UNDER POWER Because of a default under the terms of the Security Deed executed by Edward L. Herring and Claudia G. Herring to United Bank dated April 3, 2009, and recorded in Deed Book 699, Page 40, Lamar County Records, securing a Note in the original principal amount of $128,560.00, the holder thereof pursuant to said Deed and Note thereby secured has declared the entire amount of said indebtedness due and payable and, pursuant to the power of sale contained in said Deed, will on the first Tuesday, June 2, 2020, during the legal hours of sale, before the Courthouse door in said County, sell at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash, the property described in said Deed, to-wit: All that tract or parcel of land lying and being in the City of Barnesville, Lamar County, Georgia, and being a certain house and lot lying and being on the eastern side of Greenwood Street in said City, and being known as No. 640 Greenwood Street, according to the present house numbering system in use in said City, and being more particularly described as Tract ‘A’ upon a certain plat of survey entitled ‘Property Survey for Joseph Randel Chaput & Kathlyn A. Chaput’ prepared by Kenneth E. Presley, Ga. RLS No. 1327, dated Dec. 14, 1990, and recorded in Plat Book 11, Page 158, in the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court of Lamar County, Georgia. Said plat, together with the metes, bounds, courses and distances shown thereon, is hereby incorporated herein by reference. This property consists of the same parcel which was conveyed unto Gordon L. Buchanan, et al., by Warranty Deed dated Sept. 3, 1986, from Hillery T. McBroom, as recorded in Deed Book 121, Page 547, Lamar County Superior Court Records, LESS AND EXCEPT the southeastern-most 100-foot section of said parcel. SUBJECT to all easements and restrictions of record, if any. This is the same property which was conveyed unto Edward L. Herring & Claudia G. Herring from Rudy Mendias, Jr. & Tara Mendias by Warranty Deed dated Oct. 30, 2003, and recorded in Deed Book 447, Pages 128-129, said records. Said property is known as 640 Greenwood Street, Barnesville, GA 30204, together with all fixtures and personal property attached to and constituting a part of said property, if any. Said property will be sold subject to any outstanding ad valorem taxes (including taxes which are a lien, whether or not now due and payable), the right of redemption of any taxing authority, any matters which might be disclosed by an accurate survey and inspection of the property, any assessments, liens, encumbrances, zoning ordinances, restrictions, covenants, and matters of record superior to the Security Deed first set out above. The proceeds of said sale will be applied to the payment of said indebtedness and all expenses of said sale as provided in said Deed, and the balance, if any, will be distributed as provided by law. The sale will be conducted subject (1) to confirmation that the sale is not prohibited under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and (2) to final confirmation and audit of the status of the loan with the secured creditor. The property is or may be in the possession of Edward L. Herring, Claudia G. Herring, The Representative of the Estate of Edward L. Herring and The Representative of Claudia G. Herring, successor in interest or tenant(s). United Bank as Attorney-in-Fact for Edward L. Herring and Claudia G. Herring File no. 20-076740 SHAPIRO PENDERGAST & HASTY, LLP* Attorneys and Counselors at Law 211 Perimeter Center Parkway, N.E., Suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30346 (770) 220-2535/CH *THE LAW FIRM IS ACTING AS A DEBT COLLECTOR. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. (5-5)(4)(p) NOTICE OF SALE UNDER POWER GEORGIA, LAMAR COUNTY By virtue of the Power of Sale contained in that certain Security Deed given from Charles E. Head and Lisa R. Head to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., as nominee for Countrywide Bank, N.A., dated 01/31/2007, recorded 02/20/2007 in Deed Book 615, Page 11, Lamar County, Georgia records, and as last assigned to BCMB1 Trust by virtue of assignment recorded in Deed Book 1015, Page 248, Lamar County, Georgia records, said Security Deed having been given to secure a Note of even date in the principal amount of SIXTY-FIVE THOUSAND AND 00/100 DOLLARS ($65,000.00), with interest thereon as provided for therein, there will be sold at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash before the courthouse door of Lamar County, Georgia, within the legal hours of sale on the first Tuesday in June 2020 by Planet Home Lending, LLC, as Attorney in Fact for Charles E. Head and Lisa R. Head, all property described in said Security Deed including but not limited to the following described property: ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND LYING AND BEING IN LAND LOT 8 OF THE 7TH LAND DISTRICT OF LAMAR COUNTY, GEORGIA, CONTAINING 15.687 ACRES, LYING ON THE SOUTHERN SIDE OF GA. STATE ROUTE NO. 18, AND BEING MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED AS LOT 12 UPON A CERTAIN PLAT OF SURVEY ENTITLED ‘SUBDIVISION SURVEY FOR REGIONAL PROPERTIES, INC. CANNAFAX ESTATES’ BY GARY WITHERINGTON, GA. RLS NO. 1930, DATED JUNE 5, 1998, AS REVISED JULY 6, 1998, AND RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 13, PAGE 400, IN THE OFFICE OF THE CLERK OF SUPERIOR COURT OF LAMAR COUNTY, GEORGIA. SAID PLAT, TOGETHER WITH THE METES, BOUNDS, COURSES AND DISTANCES SHOWN THEREON, IS HEREBY INCORPORATED INTO AND MADE A PART OF THIS DESCRIPTION AS IF SET OUT FULLY HEREIN. TAX ID#: 023 069. SUBJECT TO ANY EASEMENTS OR RESTRICTIONS OF RECORD. Said property being known as 790 HWY 18 W, BARNESVILLE, GEORGIA 30204 according to the present numbering system in Lamar County. The indebtedness secured by said Security Deed has been declared due because of default under the terms of said Security Deed and Note. The indebtedness remaining in default, this sale will be made for the purpose of paying the same, all expenses of the sale, including attorneys’ fees and all other payments provided for under the terms of the Security Deed and Note. Said property will be sold subject to the following items which may affect the title to said property: any superior Security Deeds of record; all zoning ordinances; matters which would be disclosed by an accurate survey or by an inspection of the property; any outstanding taxes, including but not limited to ad valorem taxes, which constitute liens upon said property; special assessments; all outstanding bills for public utilities which constitute liens upon said property; all restrictive covenants, easements, rights-of-way and any other matters of record superior to said Security Deed. To the best of the knowledge and belief of the undersigned, the party in possession of the property is Charles E. Head, Lisa R. Head or tenant(s). The sale will be conducted subject to (1) confirmation that the sale is not prohibited under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, and (2) final confirmation and audit of the status of the loan. The name of the person or entity who has the full authority to negotiate, amend, and modify all terms of the mortgage is: Planet Home Lending, LLC, 321 Research Parkway, Suite 303, Meriden, CT 06450 TEL 866-882-8187. THIS LAW FIRM IS ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. The Geheren Firm, P.C., 4828 Ashford Dunwoody Road, 2nd Floor, Atlanta, GA 30338 TEL (678) 587-9500.

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