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Records request shakes loose cop shooting report

By Walter Geiger Pursuant to an open records request from The Herald-Gazette, the Spalding County sheriff’s office has released an incident report and three officer narratives stemming from a June 12 altercation in which an off-duty Griffin police officer was shot. The report confirmed the off-duty officer was Chad Moxon as reported here since shortly after the incident. Spalding sheriff Wendell Beam had previously issued a news release on the matter but did not identify Moxon who resides on Zellner Road in Redbone. No reason was given for withholding his identity until the open records request was filed. According to the incident report, deputies arrived at the home of Amanda Leigh Wilson at 4768 Old Atlanta Road at 8:47 p.m. and arrested Richard Lee Bivens, 30, of Locust Grove, charging him with aggravated assault and criminal trespass. The deputy narratives go into greater detail. Deputy R. Bynum, who filled out the incident report, stated he first went to a residence at 36 Minter Road where he found Moxon who had been shot in the left lower abdomen. He said Moxon told him the incident occurred at Wilson’s home and that the shooter was still on the scene. Deputy Bynum and deputy Richard Mangham went to Wilson’s home, leaving Moxon with a Cpl. Eidson and EMS personnel. When they arrived, they found Bivens standing in the yard and a black revolver in the driveway. Bynum wrote they took Bivens into custody and waited for investigative division personnel to process the scene. Mangham’s narrative went into more detail. He wrote he located Bivens standing near a black Chevy Tahoe with one arm in the air and talking on a cellphone. He positioned his patrol car between Bivens and the revolver. Mangham checked Bivens for weapons and contraband then cuffed him and placed him into his patrol car. Bivens related to Mangham he had come to the home to ‘check on’ his girlfriend and he and another white male (Moxon) got into a fistfight. Bivens said he had stopped fighting but Moxon kept hitting him in the head as he was going to his vehicle. Bivens related he then got his revolver and shot at Moxon whom he did not know. Mangham took Bivens to the Spalding jail where detention officers refused to process him due to his injuries from the fight. Mangham then took Bivens to a Griffin hospital where he was cleared by an emergency room physician and then returned to the lockup. Cpl. Eidson’s narrative noted he first went to the Minter Road home where he found Moxon with an entrance wound just above his left hip and an exit wound on his left buttock. Despite the wound, Moxon was conscious, alert and walking around. Moxon told Eidson he was visiting ‘a friend’ at the Wilson residence when Bivens came in and the fistfight ensued. Moxon said he was able to get Bivens out of the residence whereupon Bivens went to his vehicle, got the revolver, came back and fired several shots at him. Moxon told Eidson he began running and ended up at the Minter Road home. Eidson’s report notes Moxon refused treatment by EMS personnel and rode to the hospital with a Sgt. Hancock from the Griffin police department. The Minter Road home is owned by Mary Jo Rogers of Sunnyside, Ga. The home where the altercation took place is owned by James Lawrence Scott of Molena. Moxon drew widespread attention in 2009 when Jimi, the police canine he handled, was killed.

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