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Redbone dove shoots rile development’s estate owners

By Walter Geiger Multiple residents of the Little Tobesofkee Creek Ranch fly in and equestrian community appeared before the county commission Oct. 20 to air grievances about commercial dove shoots held on the runway, taxiways and common areas there. Redbone Farms and the Moye family have hosted dove shoots in the area for generations. The contingent of residents was led by Elaine Hallada who argued the area is zoned estate residential and that the common areas were deeded to the homeowners association by Floyd Moye. Lot owners pay $360 per year, per parcel to maintain those areas. ’The common areas were not to be developed and to be used for recreation. Commercial hunting was never mentioned,’ Hallada told the commission. She said hunters routinely shoot across driveways. ‘They have no regard for the safety of the residents. They have shot out the power, cable and internet,’ she added. She said hunters have shot into the air while planes were landing. ‘This year there were vehicles on the runways and taxiways that are clearly marked for aircraft use only. We fear for our safety,’ Hallada said. Another resident, Laura Smith, said her home has been hit by ‘˜shrapnel’ multiple times. ‘We were without phone and internet for two and a half days because they shot it out. Our mail carrier refuses to deliver the mail while they are shooting,’ Smith said. Jennifer Willis told the commission the problems began last November. ‘We were promised nature trails and bridal paths but none of that ever materialized. The hunters are disrespectful, dangerous and carry a lot of liability,’ she said. Willis noted she had written to Redbone’s Fred Moye about the issues but got no response. Hallada said she had been met with Moye and asked him to stop. ‘We’ve been ignored,’ she claimed. ’I was driving home when I came to about 30 people in the road with shotguns. They would not let me through. I felt bullied,’ Willis alleged. ’I drive to work through the hunters. I try to maintain eye contact with each one so they don’t shoot me,’ noted Laurie Hardesty, an emergency room nurse. Commissioner Robert Heiney said the dispute should be negotiated by the parties not the county. ‘Having 30 people standing in the road is troubling. I hope the residents and Fred Moye can resolve the matter amicably,’ he concluded.

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