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Relay for Life: Locals beat incredible odds

By Kay S. Pedrotti Meeting a group of people who have faced incredible odds, done what they could to overcome them, endured, struggled and remained positive and inspirational through it all, can change your life. It changed mine. Though I went down the ‘cancer road’ myself in 2010, I was fortunate enough not to encounter the bumps and obstacles that some survivors have had. My Stage 2 breast cancer, very small and caught early, left the premises with my double mastectomy and to this date has shown no indication of coming back. I believe it never will. I do regular visits to the oncologist and take estrogenkilling pills; I had my darker moments but overall my experience did little damage compared to the experiences of others. Their stories, those local heroes who have survived various types of cancer, have appeared in The Herald Gazette over the last several months. Three others are in this edition. Others will be interviewed in the future ‘“ we have been told the stories are an inspiration and rays of hope for those facing a cancer diagnosis. We’ll do all we can to support people through a time that inevitably leaves scars both emotional and physical but at the same time makes one appreciate every moment of life. All of our minutes, hours and days ‘“ especially with our families ‘“ become the most precious times we have. Our faith keeps us strong. If you know some of the folks in these pictures and stories, give them a hug. Not one of them has ever been to a pity party or expected the world to feel sorry for them. Every one of them deserves and has the promise of a happy future. We now express our deep and heartfelt thanks to every one who shared their stories with the community through The Herald Gazette. Peace, health and blessings to all of you.

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