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Rogue rooster surprises local woman

By Kay S. Pedrotti Mary Griggers of Greenwood Street says she was quite surprised and less than delighted last week when a wild rooster, apparently engaged in a tussle with another rooster, flew up about four feet from the ground and came through Griggers’ bathroom window. ’Thank goodness I was sitting down, just starting to get ready for a shower,’ she said. ‘He cut himself a little going through the glass and was flinging blood everywhere. I couldn’t get hold of him, so I just ran out and shut the door. ’When my heart stopped racing, I went back in to try to catch him again. He was in the sink but flew out when I spoke to him and eventually landed on the floor. I dropped a beach towel over him and took him back outside. I thought I had a laying hen I could keep but when I let him go I saw that he was indeed a rooster. He’s fine now ‘“ I’ve seen him around several times.’ Griggers has mixed feelings about Barnesville’s wild chickens. This is the second glass window pane broken by chickens. If she had a coop, she said, she would be happy to round up a few chickens and get them off the streets. ’That’s something the city ought to consider,’ she said. ‘There are probably dozens of families who would use a wire coop to keep some chickens. It would be cheaper than sending somebody out with nets and a lot better for the chickens to have good homes.’ In her 13 years here she has probably seen hundreds of chickens, Griggers said. She works mostly at home and has watched many little flocks of biddies who didn’t survive the urban dangers. Living near downtown on Greenwood Street, she likes being in the heart of things but has a problem sometimes with train noise. ’A rooster crowing wouldn’t compare to those engineers that lay on the horns at 4 a.m.,’ she said.

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