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Saban is not Satan but the devil’s grinches are around

By Walter Geiger


Getting the football part of this missive out of the way first requires me to admit that Nick Saban is the best coach of all time. I sat through to the miserable end of the SEC title game in Atlanta and concluded I will never go again.

Kirby Smart will never beat his mentor. When he manages to get in the ring with Saban, he chokes. Georgia’s stable of five star defensive backs looked like middle schoolers when they went up against Bryce Young, Jameson Williams and John Metchie.

I expect Michigan to rout UGA and put us out of our misery. So, to be clear. I WAS WRONG!

Now, on to the important stuff…

Glenn and Vickie Forsyth have spent the last decade or more running the Empty Stocking Fund (ESF). They have space behind the old Dollar General building in Barnesville for storage. During the year, they hit sales at the big box stores, raking in toys for the next batch of needy kids. There is no shortage of them. Glenn and Vickie hope to provide gifts for nearly 300 kids this year. In years past the number has been double that and more.

They had the storage area filled with toys and other gifts. They have a couple of other rooms in the building where they store personal stuff. One October day, Glenn and Vickie opened the building and heard a back door slam. They watched a couple with a small child flee on foot.

It turned out the couple had been squatting in the building, dodging Glenn and Vickie when they stopped by. But, these people weren’t just squatters, they were pure evil. They were grinches with capital Gs!

“They had gone through and twisted the heads off of every Barbie doll. They broke the screens on every tablet. They had set up a changing table for the baby. They took our meat from our freezer and used my grill to cook it,” Glenn told those at the ESF After Hours at United Bank last week. “You know, if they had asked me, I probably would have let them live there until they got a place to say,” he added with tears in his eyes.

That’s the sort of people Glenn and Vickie are. They put the needs of others ahead of their own. Sadly, that is a trait that is becoming more and more rare in this era of hateful social media vitriol and society is worse off for it. I don’t see that situation improving anytime in the near future.

So, Dog fans, Saban is not Satan he just owns us. The real Satan was at work in the hearts of these grinches. I feel sorry for their child but there is not a hot enough place in hell for them!

If you feel inclined to help Glenn and Vickie make up for this loss, you can drop off unwrapped toys or monetary donations at the fire station in downtown Barnesville. If you just want to commiserate, give them a call at 770.468.1253.

Merry Christmas and God bless us one and all. We desperately need it!

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