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Say Goodbye To Your Health And Your Care

By now, most every productive American who pays any attention at all to important issues of the day is aware of the national debate concerning President Obama’s efforts to ‘reform healthcare.’ What many productive Americans don’t yet know, unfortunately, is that the plan will ultimately lead to a complete governmentization of America’s healthcare industry. However, as the debate continues, more and more productive American’s are getting the message ‘“ and it’s obvious they don’t like what they are hearing. When Obama took office in January, he announced his intentions to overhaul America’s healthcare system. Driven by the liberal notion that government can solve all our nation’s woes, he soon began working with Congress to draft legislation designed to bring about sweeping changes to healthcare. Under the plan, he explained, all Americans would have equal access to healthcare resources ‘“ a truly meaningful and important goal in our society. However, more important than what Obama said about the plan is what he didn’t say about it ‘“ that paying for the plan would saddle productive Americans with crippling and unfair tax burdens for decades; that illegal immigrants would be covered under the plan; that US tax dollars would be used for abortions; that, in an effort to contain costs, certain vital tests and procedures would be limited or eliminated altogether. Those who supported Obama hailed the initiative as a major step forward in the evolution of American society. Nevertheless, as details of the plan ‘“ many of which Obama openly admitted he was neither aware of nor understood ‘“ came to light, productive Americans began to seriously question the plan or to even reject it outright. As backlash against the healthcare reform plan slowly mounted, passage of the legislation as quickly as possible became an Administration priority. Fearing that productive Americans would reject the bill after learning of its details, Obama urged Congress to bring the legislation to a vote before many members had even read it. Unfortunately for Obama, his fears were eventually realized as productive Americans began to understand that his plan would lead to government-run healthcare. Under pressure from concerned (and even downright angry) constituents, many democrats in Congress began to question the plan. Eventually, many democrats joined republicans in opposition to the proposal which lead to the deferral of a final vote until after the summer recess ‘“ a situation the Administration tried desperately to avoid. Among the most vocal Americans opposing Obama’s healthcare governmentization plan are senior citizens. Their opposition to the plan is understandable as seniors represent the demographic group most likely to suffer if the plan becomes law. That’s because, in cleverly worded phrases, the plan calls for various forms of healthcare rationing in the name of cost control. Likely rationing scenarios will include delays or denials of various important screening procedures such as colonoscopies which can detect colon cancer, a potentially deadly form of cancer that can be cured if discovered in time. These decisions to grant or deny such procedures will be made by government bureaucrats with no medical training who will base their denial of benefits on such criteria as patient age ‘“ the older the patient, the less likely he or she will receive the procedure due to the notion that he or she has fewer remaining years of life. Integral to the plan is the fact that, if passed, it will be mandatory highlighting the fact that the Administration’s goal is to force all Americans into a government-run healthcare system. Though the majority of Americans are covered by private insurance, either individually or through employer-sponsored group plans, government subsidized health insurance will eventually result in collapse of the private health insurance industry ‘“ a key, though unstated, goal of the plan. This will leave productive Americans without meaningful choices regarding their healthcare coverage thus, forcing them into the government program. Thankfully, Americans are waking up to the specter of government-run healthcare. Hopefully, the awakening will continue and the president and Congress will ultimately abandon their Orwellian efforts to force productive Americans into a government-run healthcare system that plays God by dictating from on high who will or will not receive the care they need based upon bureaucratic formulas rather than upon the deeply intimate and caring relationship between a doctor and patient. Make no mistake, the healthcare reform bill currently before Congress is about controlling patients, not taking care of them. And, if it passes, all Americans will instantly become numbers rather than people. If that happens, we can all say goodbye to our health and our care. To contact Spencer, read his blog, or review an archive of his columns, please visit

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