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Search for escapee moves west

By Walter Geiger UPDATE: Following a sighting by a citizen of a white male dressed all in white near a woodline, some units have moved into the area of Pine and Poplar streets and Memorial Drive in Barnesviille to search as of 10:25 p.m. At 7:15 p.m., the search for 19-year-old Eric Kenneth Coe, who walked away from a Department of Corrections work detail in Barnesville Wednesday afternoon, had shifted sharply westward toward the area of McCollum and Perdue roads. Also, the charges on which Coe were incarcerated were becoming clearer. According to radio traffic, apple sauce cans were found in that area along with indications someone tried to open them with a stick. Footprints at the scene were to be compared to Coe’s prison-issue boots. If those clues are confirmed, Coe traveled a great distance while a huge manhunt was underway behind Ingles in the area of the LC baseball and softball fields and the wetlands trail where an inmate hat and vest worn by Coe were found. Earlier in the afternoon, citizens reported seeing a white male in a white t-shirt and a black male in the McCollum Road area and thought that activity was suspicious. Though Coe is not listed on the Georgia Department of Corrections offender search website, reports are he was in boot camp for burglary. He is not thought to be be violent. He is from Cumming, Ga. Despite the McCollum Road indications, a large law enforcement presence was still searching behind Lamar County Elementary School late in the afternoon. This is a fluid situation. We will attempt to keep you updated as often as is possible while reporting remotely from multiple search scenes. Reports, though unconfimred, were circulating that Coe was jumped or beaten last night or this morning at Burrus CI in Forsyth where he is incarcerated and that he may have fled to avoid further similar attacks. More to come…

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