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Seeing Red In America’s Bluest State

Written by Spencer Price ——————————— ’Historical’ ‘“ that’s the word many republicans are using to describe State Senator Scott Brown’s victory over Attorney General Martha Coakley in the recent special election to fill the late Edward Kennedy’s Massachusetts senate seat. The word many democrats are using to describe the outcome of the much ballyhooed race is’¦’shocking.’ Massachusetts, or ‘Taxachusetts as it is often called, has long been considered by many as America’s bluest state. ‘Land of the Kennedys,’ currently, all 10 of its representatives are democrats and, until the recent Brown victory, both of its senators were democrats as well. Brown, a little-known republican state senator from the ‘Bay State’ challenged Coakley for the senate seat held by Kennedy for nearly 47 years until his death from brain cancer last summer. Many political pundits both inside Massachusetts and across the country initially considered Brown’s challenge laughable. Nevertheless, Brown, who was nearly 20 points behind in most polls in November surged ahead in recent weeks and soundly defeated Coakley 52 to 47 percent. The last time Massachusetts sent a republican to the US Senate was 1972. The race garnered nearly constant national media attention in the past several weeks as the results stood to reach far beyond the state of Massachusetts ‘“ at stake was the democrats’ super-majority in the US Senate, the pending healthcare overhaul legislation, and President Obama’s national standing. Democrats fought desperately to stem the tide of Brown’s surge but came up short as Coakley’s campaign spiraled downward in recent weeks, some say as a result of her poor campaign skills and frequent gaffs, complacency among the state and national Democratic Party, and widespread discontent with the Obama Administration’s policies. And, just as the democrats feared, the Brown victory changes everything. First of all, gone is the democrats’ super-majority in the Senate. Republicans now have enough votes, 41, to at least frustrate democratic efforts to pass Obama’s socialized medicine program if not block it outright. Second, a republican senatorial victory in Massachusetts is equivalent to the ‘shot heard round the world’ for democrats up for re-election this year. No longer will these democrats blindly support the Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate in a quest to convert America to socialism. In the name of political self-preservation, these democrats will now be much more likely to listen to their constituents back home rather than the party leadership in Washington, DC. The message from Massachusetts is clear ‘“ democrats who continue to support Obama and the Democratic Party leadership while ignoring the will of the people will be sent packing. It happened in Virginia and New Jersey last November. It happened in Massachusetts last Tuesday. It will happen again across the nation this coming November unless the democrats put people before policy. The most far-reaching implication of Brown’s victory in Massachusetts, however, may have little to do with the state of Massachusetts. Many interpret his victory as an outright repudiation of President Obama’s policies and leadership style. The American people no longer accept the democrats’ standard excuse that all things bad in America, including the economy, are President Bush’s fault. For a full year now, American’s have given Obama a real chance to bring about change. In return, they’ve received politics as usual or, as many suggest, politics at its worst. In response, on the day before the anniversary of Obama’s inauguration, the people of Massachusetts have given republicans one of the most significant electoral victories in modern times. During his presidential campaign, many Americans bought Obama’s message of change hook, line, and sinker. A year later, with the economy still in shambles, unemployment hovering at near historic levels, a growing deficit, and democratic majorities in both houses of Congress and a democratic Administration that refuses to listen to the will of the people, Americans are no longer waiting for change to come from Washington. In fact, Americans have now decided to bring about change of their own through the ballot box. What the democrats have failed to recognize is that Americans are usually willing to give a new guy a chance. Further, Americans are, in general, very forgiving. But there are limits. Deceive the American people long enough and they will respond. When enough Americans saw red in our bluest state, they made a change. I suspect the same kind of change is coming to the rest of America in November. To contact Spencer, read his blog, or review an archive of his columns, please visit

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