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Sept. 19: 350 cases, 17 deaths

Lamar County held 350 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 17 deaths as of the Saturday case count update from DPH. Lamar is recorded as having 38 hospitalizations. Lamar deaths include: (latest) white male, 55: white female, 88; black female, 66; white female, 70: black female, 66; white female, 72; white male, 80; black male, 49; white female, 81; white female, 83; white male, 87; white female, 88; white male, 86; white female, 85; white female, 74; black female, 87; white male, 85; Statewide there have been 305,021 confirmed cases with 27,338 hospitalizations and 6599 deaths. Surrounding counties: Pike: 311 cases, 27 hospitalizations and 9 deaths. Upson: 749 cases, 76 hospitalizations and 59 deaths. Monroe: 656 cases, 81 hospitalizations and 48 deaths. Butts: 625 cases, 52 hospitalizations and 42 deaths. Spalding: 1278 cases, 181 hospitalizations and 56 deaths. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in long-term healthcare facilities here and in surrounding counties from Dept. of Community Health as of Sept. 18: (The positive case count is cumulative and does not necessarily reflect the current number of cases in a particular facility.) Heritage Inn (Lamar): 62 patients, 32 positive cases, 12 deaths, 19 patients recovered, 12 staff positive. Sunny Grove (Lamar) 27 patients, 7 positive cases, 1 death, 11 patients recovered, 0 staff positive (DCH no longer has this facility on its report. These are the last numbers reported.). Renaissance Center (Spalding): 111 patients, 25 positive case, 2 deaths, 16 patients recovered, 13 staff positive. Riverside Health (Upson): 45 patients, 58 positive cases, 16 deaths, 39 patients recovered, 20 staff positive. PruittHealth – Forsyth (Monroe): 47 patients, 57 positive cases, 9 deaths, 48 patients recovered, 23 staff positive. Pruitt-Health Griffin (Spalding): 53 patients, 0 positive cases, 0 deaths, 4 staff positive. PruittHealth- Hwy. 42 (Monroe): 60 patients, 20 positive cases, 5 deaths, 17 patients recovered, 6 staff positive. Bolingreen Health and Rehab (Monroe): 67 patients, 47 positive cases, 14 deaths, 28 patients recovered, 16 staff positive. Providence Healthcare (Upson): 83 patients, 65 positive cases, 15 deaths, 49 patients recovered, 31 staff positive. Harborview Health (Upson): 91 patients, 64 positive cases, 19 deaths, 38 patients recovered, 10 staff positive. Brightmoor Health Care (Spalding): 91 patients, 83 positive cases, 20 deaths, 63 patients recovered, 0 staff positive. Brightmoor Senior Living (Spalding): 52 patients, 0 positive cases, 0 deaths, 1 staff positive. Westbury Health Care & Rehab (Butts): 131 patients, 125 positive cases, 34 deaths, 89 patients recovered, 54 staff positive. NOTE: Some nursing home residents’ deaths are not listed in the county’s overall numbers because their residence was in a different county. September 22, 2020 Lamar County School Update Today we were informed of the following COVID-19 related matters. No new positive cases to report today, only individuals who met “exposed” guidelines. All individuals were sent home as soon as information was made available. One Lamar County Primary School staff member met the “exposed” guidelines. Per our policy, this staff member will be quarantined. They were last in attendance today. Two Lamar County Elementary School students met the “exposed” guidelines. Per our policy, these students will be quarantined.. They were last in attendance on Wednesday, Sept. 16 and Friday, Sept 18. All buildings are disinfected. All quarantined individuals are reported to DPH daily. The Lamar County School System is committed to transparency as we work through the challenges of COVID-19. While we are limited with details we are permitted to share due to confidentiality guidelines, we will submit a statement each time we are faced with a positive case in our school system and will also share the number of students and staff quarantined from each new occurrence. Parents and guardians of exposed students will be notified before any release of information. Staff members are subject to the same exposure guidelines and will be quarantined accordingly.

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