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Share your Barnesville memories

By Ken K. Green I have, it seems, created a monster. A virtual monster, if you will. A little over a week ago, I was sitting at my laptop, which I do quite often, watching the Braves play on ESPN, when I received a Facebook message from Alton Moore asking me if I had ever seen the Thomaston Memories page on Facebook. Alton went on to tell me that his wife, a Thomaston native, is a member of that page and people who live in Thomaston or have roots there go to the page to share their memories, pictures, etc. He thought it was a cool idea and asked me if I would consider starting one for Barnesville. Sounded cool to me so I created the page Barnesvillle Memories. I know I spelled Barnesville with three L’s in that last sentence but that is how my bumbling, fumbling, stumbling fat fingers spelled it when I created the page. I did not realize it until it was pointed out to me the next day. Too late to change it. Anyway, Barnesvillle Memories was born on Facebook at 8:31 p.m. Sunday, July 24, 2011. It has grown to 825 members as of this writing Friday morning and I’m hoping to reach 1,000 members by its one week anniversary. Members range in age from their 60s and 70s who share their memories to present day teens who want to learn about the past of the town they live in from stories you don’t read in history books. Members range in location from people who live in Barnesville now to folks from all over the country including Texas, Indiana and North Dakota. There is even one gentleman who lives South Korea now. There have been 1,285 original posts as of this writing with most of them warranting many responses. The threads tell the stories of the people, places and events that have made up Barnesville’s history over the past eight decades. People have posted pictures, songs and links to sites related to Barnesville’s past and present. I have been praised for creating the site by people thanking me for creating it to read about and share their cherished memories. I have, jokingly, been cursed for creating the site by people saying they can’t get anything done for reading the site for hours on end. A friend called me yesterday and said I was responsible for the downfall of the economy because people aren’t getting any work done because they are so engrossed in the page. Personally, I’ve done little else but read and monitor the page since its inception. I’ve shared a bit and learned a lot. Nearing 50 years of age, I get enjoyment from reading and learning from both ends of the spectrum, younger and older. If you aren’t a member and would like to read about others’ and share your own memories, get a Facebook account and request to be my friend, Ken K. Green. I will add you to the group.

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