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She hates masks so she signed up for COVID-19 vaccine trials

Angela Allen works in a pharmacy which is considered a high-risk job for coronavirus. Masks are required and she is not a fan. ’I have to wear a mask all day at work and I hate it. I’m doing my part so we can get back to where we don’t have to wear them. I went though Emory Health and signed up for a trial. At first they didn’t want me because of my job but later they called back. I considered it and got some advice then decided to go for it,’ Allen said. She is in a study of Moderna’s promising MRNA 1273 vaccine and got her first injection Aug. 24. The second one will follow on Sept. 21. ‘There’s no chip in it. I asked. And I have had no side effects whatsoever,’ she added. Allen is 48 and in good shape. She had to give up eight vials of blood and get a COVID-19 nasal swab test before being vaccinated. ‘That wasn’t as bad as I had heard it was,’ she said. She will be observed for two years, make six office visits and is keeping a required daily diary on an app. ‘They want to see if the vaccine works for two years. Right now it is showing a lot of promise. On every visit they will be drawing my blood,’ Allen continued. She had a very good reason other than her hatred of masks to enter the trial. ’My sons are in the military and they will probably not have choice on whether or not to take it. They’ll take a bullet for me and you so I will take this one for them,’ she concluded.

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