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Sheriff: 14 active cases tracked here

By Walter Geiger Since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant restrictions many feel are onerous, the only real data available to the public has been the twice-daily case count report from the Georgia Department of Health. At noon Monday, that data listed Lamar as having 33 confirmed cases and no deaths. It is known that at least two local people have died but their deaths had not made the Lamar case count as of Monday (UPDATE: they have now) There was a report early Monday of a local resident dying of coronavirus in a facility in Butts County that could not be confirmed. The DPH numbers are cumulative and do not reflect those patients who have recovered. Additionally, those who test positive before or after death are listed as a coronavirus death no matter the extent of other maladies they may have been suffering from. Law enforcement and first responders have been lobbying strongly for information that identifies local residences where there is a positive case so they can properly prepare if dispatched there. They recently got that information. ’GEMA started giving us that data on April 17. It goes to our 911 director and into our CAD system. If a call is dispatched to that address, an alert will show that it has a positive case. The information does not show a name. It only shows the address. After 21 days, we remove the address from our system,’ sheriff Brad White said Monday. As of press time Monday, there were 14 addresses in the CAD system. One was to drop off Monday with six more set to drop off by Friday, the sheriff added. Those figures are encouraging but commission chairman Charles Glass urged continued vigilance. ’Upson County has a higher case count based on population than Fulton County. It could be the same here if we don’t continue to be diligent about distancing, sanitizing and using protective gear. We need people to continue to observe the defensive measures that have helped us so far even as they go out more and do business in more places,’ Glass said.

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