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Sheriff discusses details of escape

Having had one hour of sleep overnight, sheriff Brad White discussed with The Herald Gazette Wednesday evening the details of the escape of Christopher Nicholas Carroll from the Lamar County jail. UPDATE: CARROLL STOLE ANOTHER TRUCK IN GOVAN, S.C. FRIDAY MORNING. It was a distinctive maroon truck with a white hood. The search is ongoing. Carroll was noted as unaccounted for just 15 minutes after he fled the jail at about midnight Tuesday. Carroll was arrested here Oct. 30 after he and a female companion fought with deputies on the side of the road on Ga. Hwy. 7 near the Hwy. 36 bypass. The female is in the Effingham County (GA.) jail on other charges. Carroll was convicted on Dec. 7 and sentenced to five years in prison and 10 years probation by Judge Tommy Wilson on one count of theft by receiving property stolen in another state and three counts of felony obstruction of officers. He was to be taken to the Georgia Diagnostic Prison in Butts County Thursday morning. He and the female were driving a stolen truck when arrested here and South Carolina planned to pursue those charges, the sheriff said. The escape itself was Houdiniesque… COPYRIGHT 2017 THE HERALD GAZETTE THIS MATERIAL MAY NOT BE COPIED, BROADCAST OR OTHERWISE DISSEMINATED WITHOUT EXPRESS PERMISSION. White said Carroll used an iron brace used to attach a small table to a wall to knock a small hole through a brick wall. He then made his way into a narrow plumbing trace that eventually led to freedom. “You and I couldn’t have gotten one leg in there but he did,” White said of the five foot, nine inch Carroll who weighed 165 pounds at the time of his arrest. Covered in a jail blanket which he had fashioned into a poncho, Carroll made his way to Jordan Lumber at the industrial park. “He probably found the railroad tracks and followed them out there,” the sheriff said. At Jordan, Carroll actually got a tractor-trailer rig started but abandoned it. That was captured on security video. “If he had crashed it through the fence an alarm probably would have gone off,” the sheriff noted. Carroll then made his way across the road to the county barn where he scaled a fence and found a county truck with the keys in the ignition. He used a chain attached to the truck to snatch the gate off the security fence and drove off into the night. ”The hardest thing for us was we didn’t know much about him. He had no connections here. We had no idea where he might go or whom he might meet up with,” White continued. The damaged gate at the county barn was discovered at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday and the missing truck shortly thereafter. Fortunately, the truck had a GPS tracker in it of which Carroll was unaware. It showed he fled the county barn at 1:37 a.m. ”Once we found out about the tracker, we quickly located the truck in Ulmer, S.C. It has a population of 66. It is very isolated. The state patrol got there fast, within five minutes, and set up a perimeter but he either slipped off into the woods or had called someone to pick him up,” White continued. Ulmer, S.C. is less than 10 miles from Olar, S.C. where Carroll lived at 14854 Low Country Hwy., according to arrest records. White reported he learned Wednesday that Carroll had a previous jail escape about 12 years ago in South Carolina. In that escape he went out through the roof. The manhunt for Carroll continues. Monitor for updates.

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