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Sheriff hospitalized after possible stroke

Lamar County sheriff Larry Waller remains in the Macon Medical Center where he is receiving treatment after suffering a possible stroke July 8. Lisa Goddard of Little Children of the World (LCOW), the charitable agency run by the sheriff’s wife Glenna Waller, reported Thursday morning that Larry Waller may not be released for at least another 48 hours. Goddard said the sheriff is walking better and improving. Several CAT scans showed no major blockages but more tests are being run today, Goddard added. Glenna Waller and her granddaughter Brittany Foster were in the Phillipines on LCOW business when the sheriff was stricken but are on their way back home and should arrive early Friday morning. Waller exhibited symptoms late Wednesday afternoon after leading the funeral procession for Caroline Stewart. He agreed to be evaluated at the hospital. Major Brad White, Waller’s chief deputy, reported late Wednesday night the sheriff suffered from an apparent blood clot that dissolved on its own. Waller underwent major surgery several years ago which required an extended recovery period. His twin brother, Harry Waller, died of a sudden heart attack at his home during roughly the same time period.

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