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Sheriff takes stand on gun control

Lamar County sheriff Brad White has taken a stand on gun control. Citizen of Lamar County, I would like to thank everyone that has called or e-mailed me regarding my position on the proposed gun law legislation. The Georgia Sheriff’s Association, consisting of all of Georgia’s Sheriffs, met on January 28 in Atlanta. The following statement was approved by the board: The sheriffs took an oath to support the Constitution and will stand by the 2nd Amendment. The sheriffs will aggressively oppose federal or state legislation which infringes upon law abiding citizens’ right to bear arms. The sheriffs further agree to support any legislation that would effectively penalize criminals who use firearms in the commission of crimes. In addition, I will support new legislation that expands treatment resources for those that experience mental illness. Currently, the largest providers of mental health services in the state are local Sheriffs Offices, as a large portion of our jail population suffers from these issues. I agree with Sheriff Howard Sills, president of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association, when he stated, ‘This shouldn’t be our duty, and it is something we are not equipped nor funded for.’ Any new law or infringement on our right to bear arms will not deter or stop criminals from continuing to illegally obtain firearms. The focus of any new gun regulation should be on criminals, not law abiding citizens. I will support any new bill that would effectively penalize the criminal use of firearms. I will oppose any new bill that will hinder our law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves and their families or tends to further infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights. For these reasons, I stand beside my fellow sheriffs and support the above statement. So help me GOD Sheriff Brad White

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