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Sheriff vehemently denies ticket quota allegations

Sheriff Brad White has vehemently denied allegations from an anonymous person or persons alleging his patrol deputies were ordered to meet traffic ticket quotas. UPDATE: The deputy who wrote the note has been identified. At issue is a note written by a deputy as a joke and left on a desk at the sheriff’s office. The letter instructs patrol deputies to write at least three tickets per shift or be written up. The letter claims pressure from an unidentified judge. The note bears the purported signature of Capt. David Knight. Sheriff White said the signature is not Knight’s. A photo of the letter was e-mailed to The Herald Gazette and at least one television station. ”We are attacking this head on. The deputy wrote it as a joke. The deputy has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation. We do not condone any sort of quota system. There is nothing like this in any of our protocols,” the sheriff said. Terminations may result from the prank gone awry, he added. UPDATE: Sheriff White identified the deputy who wrote the prank note as Michael Martin. Another deputy is to be questioned on the matter this afternoon.

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