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Sheriff’s Report

Between Friday, Oct. 28, and Thursday, Nov. 3, the Lamar County sheriff’s office made the following arrests: David Eugene Swain Jr., 28, no residence listed, DUI alcohol and traffic misdemeanor; Alton Lawerence III, 38, Baltimore, Md., disorderly conduct and impeding the flow of traffic; Pedro Denova, 33, Barnesville, driving without a license and weaving over roadway; Justin John Husak, 26, Barnesville, theft by conversion of leased or rented personal property; Suzanne Renee Toler, 31, no residence given, driving while license suspended or revoked; Carly Christine Massey, 20, Milner, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana; Tyler James Brookins, 19, Marietta, possession of alcoholic beverage under age 21 and other charges; Chelsea Sarah Hunter, 19, Barnesville, possession of alcoholic beverage under age 21 and other charges; George Fambro Jr., 49, Barnesville, public drunkenness; Lee Eddie Mays, 29, Forsyth, contempt of court; Cicognac Octavius Rivers, 21, Madison, probatio violation; Ray Anthony Bradley, 54, Barnesville, probation violation; Norman Johnson, 55, Jackson, deposit account fraud; Lauren Milan Houston, 17, Riverdale, reckless driving; Jeffery Max Beach, 20, Barnesville, possession, manufacture, sale or purchase of marijuana; Ishmael Abdullah Avery, 21, Marietta, contempt of court; Paige Delynn Baugh, 46, Griffin, probation violation; Dominique Marie Davis, 20, Barnesville, serving time. Deputies answered 160 calls and the 911 center answered 101. Deputies responded to 30 calls, the Barnesville police department to 27, Lamar County firefighters to 36, Barnesville fire department to one and Mid-Georgia Ambulance to 52. There were 20 accidents. Deputies served two warrants and 14 traffic citations.

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