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Shocker! I am in agreement with Barack Obama

By Walter Geiger Time and perspective change a man and this one is no exception. Once a huge baseball fan, I have not watched an entire World Series game since the last time the Atlanta Braves participated in one. However, over the weekend, I watched five World Cup soccer matches in their entirety, caught portions of several others and, at this writing, the American men haven’t even played yet. I understand this morphing of me but was still somewhat shocked when, after listening to President Obama speak on the current situation in Iraq, I found myself in complete agreement with him. In case you missed it, a ragtag, al-Qaida sponsored fighting force called ISIS is, at present, overrunning the country where so much American blood was spilt and trillions of American tax dollars were expended. The Iraqi troops we trained and left behind are, in many instances, ditching their uniforms, dropping their weapons and blending into swarms of refugees fleeing the terrorist advance. These troops have good reason to go AWOL. Many of those who stayed in place and fought were rounded up, herded into ditches and shot, unceremoniously, in the back of the head. So much for the Geneva Convention but what else could one expect from the Muslim hordes who have taken Tikrit, the hometown of Saddam Hussein, Mosul and Fallujah – cities that were ‘˜liberated’ by American troops at great cost. It makes one wonder for what purpose were they liberated to begin with? The entire Iraqi invasion was ill-conceived and needless. Though American fighting men and women performed the tasks placed before them near flawlessly and mowed down the meager opposition, their hands were always tied behind their backs by the rules of engagement handed down from Washington. In war, the winner must crush the loser and leave no doubt that he will be back to crush them again if they take up arms. In Iraq, we didn’t do that. We killed a bunch of Muslims, blew up a bunch of stuff and then spent trillions to rebuild that which we destroyed thinking we could somehow make the people there like us. It will never happen. These people hate us conceptually and according to doctrine but they hate each other at a visceral, sectarian level. They have been at war with one another since the Crusades and they will always be at war. No amount of American blood or money can stop it and, sadly, we do not have the diplomatic influence in the region to make a difference. So, when Obama said last week that American troops would not be sent back to this armpit of the world, I could only nod and breathe a silent ‘˜Amen’ as he left on another golf outing. Let the Muslims kill each other. We have no friends there worth another drop of American blood. Walter Geiger is editor and publisher of the Herald Gazette.

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