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Snow, sleet expected to be light locally

Ice and sleet have emerged as a greater threat for Lamar County Friday night and Saturday morning than snow. Ice, of course, causes problems. At 4 p.m., the NOAA forecast was for a mix of rain and sleet beginning around dark. At 2 a.m., that will turn to snow but any accumulation will not exceed one inch in our area. Winds will be strong with gusts up to 20 mph. The low temperature is forecast at 24 degrees. Saturday night is 18 degrees. Southern Rivers Energy is preparing for ice. This statement if from marketing and member services director Erin Cook: Southern Rivers Energy has been monitoring weather conditions since earlier this week and has a contingency plans in place to address problems associated with ice and snow forming on power lines, possibly causing damage and service disruptions. SRE has mobilized employees, prepared trucks with the necessary materials, equipment and supplies frequently used in the restoration process should the weather become severe. ’We do not anticipate any major issues at this time but as evidenced by Winter Storm Pax in 2014, predicting the weather is not an exact science and things can change quickly so we encourage our members to have a plan just in case ice does become a problem and we experience outages,’ says Erin Cook, Director of Marketing/Member Services. SRE encourages members to make the following preparations: · For those who are medically fragile and dependent on electricity, be sure to have a plan for power outages. For example, have extra medical supplies and prescription drugs, a backup generator if possible, and transportation arrangements to an alternate location if necessary, both nearby and farther away. · Charge cell phone batteries and have a car phone charger handy for recharging tablets and cell phones in the car. · Have non-perishable foods on hand such as canned goods, powdered milk, peanut butter, bread and crackers · Have a manual can opener · Have blankets, sleeping bags and extra clothes, including hats · Have flashlights, battery-powered lanterns and extra batteries · For those with fireplaces, have kindling and a good supply of wood · For those who plan to use a generator, follow manufacturer’s operating instructions and all safety guidelines to protect utility workers from serious or fatal injuries

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