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Some things just mystify me

By Walter Geiger Daily, it seems, I read something in the multiple newspapers i peruse that mystifies me. Most often, it seems political correctness is culpable for my state of confusion. Some examples. Ebola crisis: This ebola thing is getting real and is going to get worse. A Dallas man who traveled here from Liberia died. Jesse Jackson and his ilk are ranting that the man did not receive adequate care because he was black. Jesse ignores the fact that the man lied about having contact with ebola patients in Africa. At least 48 people had contact with the dead man. One, a nurse, now has Ebola. Several of his family members refused to be quarantined and force was required. It is not a matter of if we will see more cases of this killer disease but when we will see them. With a daughter living in a packed dorm situated side-by-side with other packed dorms in Athens, this concerns me. We isolate ebola patients but refuse to isolate the countries where it is spreading like wildfire. It would be simple to halt flights to the U.S. from those countries but we won’t do it out of fear of stigmatizing them. I hate to break it to Barack and his boys but the stigma is already there. Tourism dollars will not be helping Liberia in battling this epidemic. A travel ban is essential before things worsen and worsen they will. Radical islam: A Muslim employee of an Oklahoma food processing plant tired of his inability to convert coworkers to the ‘religion of peace’ and beheaded one and tried to kill another. Another Muslim opened fire at Ft. Hood, killing 13 people and wounding many others. In both instances, local, state and national authorities quickly concluded these were incidents of workplace violence and had nothing to do with radical islam. I wonder if the families of the dead would agree? Fighting ISIS: While we are on the topic of radical islam/islamists, the United States military and a weak coalition of sponsors are launching air strikes on ISIS forces in the middle East. Many think we will eventually have to send troops back there to deal with this turbaned clown posse but that remains to be seen. In our initial series of strikes, Americans phoned people in the various cesspools on the hit list that our jets and Tomahawk missiles were inbound. Do you expect ISIS to phone those in the first American skyscraper, airliner or football stadium it tries to take out? Barbarians only understand barbarism. That is the reality of this fight. Our leaders best grasp that concept or Americans will die as a result. Rebuilding Gaza: Secretary of State John Kerry has committed $400 million to rebuild areas in the Gaza Strip damaged in recent fighting between Israel and the various Palestinians who count among their number countless radical islamists. Another $212 million in American cash is on the way. A coalition of nations far stronger than the one battling ISIS has pledged over $5 billion for the reconstruction project. This amounts to rebuilding a beach house on an island after it was hit by a hurricane for the fifth time. Gaza has known war since the dawn of time. The rebuilt buildings will once again be reduced to rubble. It is just a matter of time. Couldn’t those millions have been better spent here at home or saved for the coming battle against ebola? Todd Gurley: The UGA superstar has been suspended by his school pending an NCAA investigation into his selling autographs for a total of $400. Apparently, the powers that be in Athens have not taken note of the fact that the NCAA has lost every court battle on this matter and has been reduced to a shell of its former self enforcement wise. The school and Gurley should lawyer up, seek injunctions and file lawsuits in every possible jurisdiction and tell the NCAA to kiss off. I just don’t see the paper tiger that is the NCAA winning this thing in any court. Free Gurley! Walter Geiger is editor and publisher of The Herald Gazette and Pike County Journal Reporter.

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