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Spalding County arrests

The following arrests were made by Spalding County sheriff’s deputies between Feb. 26 and March 4: Caslin, Elvin 314 Sims St, Barnesville GA 02/28/12 Obstrution LEO, Poss Marijuana Less Oz, Poss Controlled Subs Andrews, Anana Sherekerla 611 Apple St, Griffin GA 02/27/12 Suspended Lic Archer, Joseph Lamar 319 Barbara Dr, Griffin GA 02/27/12 Theft X Taking, Theft X Deception Barkley, Fredrick 161 Riverdale Cir, Griffin GA 02/27/12 BFC Chester, Keon Terrell 714 Raleigh Ave, Thomasville, GA 02/27/12 Obstruction LEO,Poss Marijuana Less 1oz, Tag Light Req Colbert, Waymon Boris 54 Camden Rd, Griffin GA 02/27/12 C/S Contempt, VOP (M) Hamm, Tony Lamar 221 Maloy Rd, Griffin GA 02/27/12 Susp Lic, Simple Assault, Simple Assault FV Karshner, Janice Chappell 1466 Kilgore Rd Lot 49C, Griffin GA 02/27/12 Battery Keith, Patrick Kendall 822 W Broad St, Griffin GA 02/27/12 Poss Methadone, Poss Xanax, PossHydrocodone Lauffer, Jonathan Asmin 115 Peachtree St, Griffin GA 02/27/12 Burglary, Criminal Damage to Property 2nd Degree, Parole Violation Malone, Waymond Ellis 211 Quincy Ave Apt 1, Griffin Ga 02/27/12 Criminal Trespass, Theft X Taking Reed, Corey Monte 201 Holly Grove Rd, Griffin GA 02/27/12 Parole Violation Wilcox, Romirio Antwon 209 Railroad Ave, Griffin GA 02/27/12 Obstruction LEO, Burglary, Criminal Damage Property 2nd Degree, Parole Violation Zickefoose, Christopher John 25 Sixth St, Griffin GA 02/27/12 Reckless Driving Beck, David Aaron 9910 Fitzgerald Rd, Griffin GA 02/28/12 VOP (M) Brooks, Victoria Lynn 164 Banks Rd, Griffin GA 02/28/12 C/S Contempt Brown, Thomas Spencer 1006 W College St Ext, Griffin GA 02/28/12 C/S Contempt Caslin, Elvin 314 Sims St, Barnesville GA 02/28/12 Obstrution LEO, Poss Marijuana Less Oz, Poss Controlled Subs Chosewood, Richard Keith 41 Wilson St, Griffin GA 02/28/12 Magistrate Order Cravens, Holly Marie 207 A Z Kelsey Ave Apt 2, Griffin GA 02/28/12 C/S Contempt Duffie, Stacey Elaine 61 Maloy Rd, Griffin Ga 02/28/12 False Statements Ellis, Cantrell 508 Terry Dr, Griffin GA 02/28/12 C/S Contempt Freeman, Bilal Zakee 149 N 6th St, Griffin GA 02/28/12 Poss Controlled Sub X 2, Posss Contr Sub WITD Mangham, Randy 111 W Quilly St, Griffin GA 02/28/12 Contempt Magistrate Court Person, Breun Yorel 110 Crestwood trl, Macon GA 02/28/12 Poss F/A During Crime, Poss Controlled Subs X2, Theft X Shoplifting Raglan, Meshanda 649 Haskel Ward Apt 3, Griffin GA 02/28/12 Poss Marijuana Less Oz, Reckless Conduct Singleton, Kim Eric 1329 Edgewood Dr, Griffin GA 02/28/12 VOP (F) Wilson, Cigi Shenise 419 College Dr, Barnesville GA 02/28/12 Poss Controlled Subs, Theft X Shoplifting Sharp Raymond, Edward Allentivous 612 Benhill St, Thomaston GA 02/28/12 Theft X Shoplifting Williams, Mario Andretti 106 Alicia Dr Apt A, Griffin GA 02/28/12 Poss Mrijuana Less Oz, Poss Drug Related Objects 1. BENNETT, RANDALL STEVEN II 501 CHULI RD, LOCUST GROVE, GA 022912 PAROLE VIOLATION CASILLAS, JUAN LUEVANON 6545 HWY 42, REX, GA 022912 VOP (M) DAY, DARBY CEARLEY 503 E MCINTOSH RD, GRIFFIN,G A 022912 VOP (M) DOZIER, MARKEVIUS DUAN 739 E CENTRAL, GRIFFIN, GA 022912 VOP (M) FOSTER, KENNETH KAMONE 618 E SOLOMON ST, GRIFFIN, GA 022912 VOP (F) HAWTHORNE, MICHAEL ARTHUR 1103 GONZA DR, GRIFFIN, GA 022912 AGGRAVATED ASSAULT FVA HOLLOWAY, NICHOLAS CLYDE 1632 OLD ATLANTA RD, GRIFFIN, GA 022912 VOP (F) MILLICAN, TERRI LYNN 8267 KENDRICK RD, JONESBORO, GA 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 022912 THEFT OF UTILITIES (M) MITCHELL, RANDY REUNARD 1251 BYEWOOD LANE, ATLANTA, GA 022912 THEFT BY SHOPLIFTING, POSS DRUG RELATED OBJECTS PARKER, MARVIN JR 807 SCALES ST APT A, GRIFFIN, GA 022912 VOP (F) PIERCE, CATHY LORRAINE 1537 ZEBULON RD, GRIFFIN,G A 022912 VOP (F) SHEEHAN, ANDREW DAMIAN 2982 BRIAR CLIFF RD APT 416, ATLANTA, GA 022912 SUSPENDE LICENSE SWYGERT, RICHARD SHERMAN 156 SHADETREE PL, DAWSONVILLE, GA 022912 BENCH WARRANT DUI, SUSPENDED LICENSE, NO HEADLIGHTS VARNOM, CHRISTOPHER ONEAL 1041 STAGE COACH RD, STOCKBRIDGE, GA 022912 FALSE NAME/DOB WILLIAMS, SHERRI LOUISE 615 NORTHSIDE DR APT K8, GRIFFIN, GA 022912 ARREST FOR HENRY CO YOUNG, ARRON RESHARD 3100 MONTGOMERY ST, SAVANNAH, GA 022912 VOP (F) BARKLEY, BRANDON RAMIAH 487 JORDAN HILL RD, GRIFFIN, GA 030212 ARREST FOR HENRY CO BEARDSLEY, BRYAN D 1958 BOUGAINVILLEA ST, SARAOTA, FL 030112 SUSPENDED LICENSE AND TAILLIGHT VIOLATION CHILDS, CANDICE MEGAN 17 NINETY TWO PL, GRIFFIN, GA 030112 DUI, FAILURE TO MAINTAIN LANE 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 1. 2. 3. 4. DUKES, DENNIS EUGENE 67 ELM ST, GRIFFIN, GA 030112 CHILD SUPPORT CONTEMPT EDWARDS, TYRONE 1265 UPCHURCH RD, MCDONOUGH, GA 030112 THEFT BY DECEPTION (F) GRANT, CHRISTOPHER DAVID 378 JONES RD, HAMPTON, GA 030112 ARREST FOR HENRY CO GRAY, HUNTSLEY KENTHAROL 726 OLD TALBOTTON RD, THOMASTON, GA 030112 BURGLARY, CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO PROPERTRY 2ND DEGREE GREEN, ASHLEY NICLOE 216 N 6TH ST, GRIFFIN, GA 030112 VOP (M) GREGORY, ALVIN COPELAND JR 196 VAUGHN RD, GRIFFIN, GA 030112 POSS METH, POSS METH WITD , VIOLATION OF OATH OF OFFICE MAIDA, DENISE ANGELA 611 DURHAM RD, MILNER, GA 030112 VOP (F), FORGERY 1ST DEGREE MURPHY, MICHAEL WILLIAM 1523 GEORGETOWN LN, SARASOTA, FL 030112 POSS MARIJUANA (M) RICE, DAVID EDWARD JR 17 NINETY TWO PL, GRIFFIN, GA 030112 DUI, FAILURE TO MAINTAIN LANE RIVERS, RAY ROGER 258 LANG ST, GRIFFIN, GA 030112 DISTRIBUTING FALSE ID (F) TANNER, MONTEZ LISHONE 600S PINEHILL RD APT G1, GRIFFIN, GA 030112 CHILD SUPPORT CONTEMPT THOMPSON, ALEXANDER LAMON 205 QUINCY AVE APT 4, GRIFFIN, GA 030112 CHILD SUPPORT CONTEMPT 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. CRAWLEY, BOBBY LORENZO JR 13 FERNWOOD RD, GRIFFIN, GA 030212 POSS MARIJUANA (M) 17. SMARR, TYRONE VINCENT 1324 N LEE ST, GRIFFIN, GA 030212 POSS COCAINE Agee, Ormondo Quanyea 1370 Westmont St, Atlanta GA 03/04/12 VOP (F) Coe, Dwanye Eugene 115 N 14th St, Griffin GA 03/04/12 VOP (F) Johnson, Chase Raymond 31 S Walkers Mill Rd, Griffin GA 03/05/12 AFOC Piercy, Seddric Barnard 1456 Cowan Rd, Griffin GA 03/05/12 Obstruction LEO, Failure to Display Lic on Demand Wallmaker, Donald Cornelius 42 Pickins Dr, Griffin GA 03/04/12 Suspended Lic, Speeding, DUI Hardy, Fred 222 Vaughn Cir, Griffin GA 03/04/12 Suspended Lic, No Tag, No Insurance Andrade, Patrick Lee 1511 W poplar Sr, Griffin Ga 03/02/12 C/S Contempt X 2 Crawley, Bobby Lorenzo 13 Fernwood Rd, Griffin GA 03/02/12 Poss Marijuana Less 1oz Goolsby, Dan C 14128 Hwy 19, Zebulon GA 03/02/12 Harrassing Phone Calls Lockett, Henry Lee 1404 Post Oak Dr Apt E, Clarkston GA 03/02/12 VOP (F) Maxon, William Anthony 3264 Newnan Rd Lot 27, Griffin GA 03/02/12 Suspended Lic Nelms, Homer Craig 391 Wilson Rd, Griffin GA 03/02/12 No Proof Insurance, Hit and Run, Striking Unattended Vehicle, VOP (M) Ortiz, Daniel Spencer 1809 Ridge St, Griffin GA 03/02/12 BFC Sanchez, Gabriel 5291 Old Atlanta Rd lot 275, Hampton GA 03/02/12 Child Molestation Smarr, Tyrone Vincent 1324 Lee St, Griffin GA 03/02/12 Poss Controled Substance, Violation of Parole Turner, Jeffrey Millard 454 Johnny Cut Rd, Griffin GA 03/02/12 C/S Contempt Ball, Robert Eugene 905 East Solomon St, Griffin GA 03/03/12 Suspended Lic, DUI Fincher, Delano 864 Grant Rd, Brooks GA 03/03/12 Speeding, DUI Foster, Dontavius 135 Bush St, Barneville GA 03/03/12 Speeding, DUI Jackson, Jabril Demario 1083 Jackson Rd Apt B, Griffin GA 03/03/12 Poss Shedule II Controlled Subs, FL to Keep Pills in Original Container, Poss Alcohol <21 McDay, Leonard Sherrod 3948 Old Lantern Dr, Lithonia GA 03/03/12 Susp Lic, Too Fast for Conditions, DUI Newton, Maurice Demond 520 N 18th St, Griffin GA Battery Thrash, Raymond 327 N Hill St, Griffin GA 03/03/12 Poss Alcohol <21, Speeding, DUI<21 Vaughn, Jarvis Monta 447 Johnson Pool Rd, Griffin GA 03/03/12 Disorderly Conduct White, Spencer Jr 109 Houston St, Griffin GA 03/04/12 DUI, Fail To Maintain Lane Morris, Bradley Tyson 2470 New Hope Rd, Locust Grove GA 03/04/12 DUI, Fail Maintain Lane, Failure to Notify Owner upon Striking Fixed Object

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