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Standing room only crowd wants cuts not higher taxes

A standing room only crowd of property owners packed the Lamar County commission meeting room Tuesday night and regaled commissioners again and again with demands that they cut services and not increase property taxes. ”Cut my taxes to the point where they support the basics only. If I want to donate to 4-H, I will. That way, citizens don’t have to pay for my pet projects and I don’t have to pay for theirs,” noted local attorney Eric Hearn. Former commission chairman Kent Kingsley alleged the current board has not been honest with the citizens. “We’ve got a lot deeper problems than you’ve let on. You’ve got to tell the people the truth,” he said. ”When I run out of money, I stay at home. I don’t spend. You people need to get on the damn wagon,” added citizen Terry Turner. ”Renters and those in public housing don’t pay for their six kids. We pay for them. Cut where cuts are needed. Don’t put it all on us. I don’t want to lose my dream home. I worked for it all my life,” protested Larry Cash.

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