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State of the Union – More Marxism, Less Liberty

Written by Robert Heiney —————————– While watching the 3 ring circus known as President Obama’s first state of the union address, I couldn’t help but wonder what they were smoking. From the fake grins plastered on the faces of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi to the endless standing ovations over every other sentence uttered by the President ‘“ it was a surreal event. But we should focus on one main point ‘“ this is not about President Obama. While he was the Messenger-In-Chief, your attention should be directed at those standing in front and behind him. Mr. Obama is really just a figurehead for the organized crime syndicate in control of Washington DC. Because you see, Obama is correct in this one regard. The problems we face today stem from years of unconstitutional legislation passed by the gang of thugs known as Congresspersons and Senators. In fact, Republicans as well as Democrats are complicit in the devaluation of the dollar, the banking crisis, the loss of jobs, and the attacks on individual liberty. But Mr. Obama, let’s not forget while many of these problems didn’t occur on your watch, it did happen on the watch of a Democrat controlled Congress and Senate. And you’ve had a year to give the American people a sensible, American solution to our problems. So what have you done? Incredibly, you have continued many of the “failed Bush Administration” programs. You know – the ones you bitterly criticized. Like big corporate taxpayer funded bail-outs and the Orwellian “Patriot Act” that suspends the Bill of Rights and allows the federal government to do anything it wants to anyone it chooses – all in the name of “Security”. And while sending more troops into Afghanistan on American adventures in futility and vanity. You have continued to permit an out of control Federal Reserve to print dollars like a bunch of North Korean counterfeiters. And you have shamelessly done this to fund expensive social welfare programs. This of course lowers the value of the dollar, raising everyone’s cost of living. Printing fake dollars results in an unseen tax on every dollar holder and that’s why you do it – because the average citizen never sees it coming and when it does, he or she blames it on unions, greedy business owners, the Arabs – anybody but the real perpetrators – the federal government with its partners at the Federal Reserve. Mr. Obama – you have further increased the national debt trillions of dollars while deliberately hiding the true extent of US indebtedness. How? By using an accounting scheme that public and private companies are not permitted to use. It’s called “unfunded liabilities”. You see, if you add in the “unfunded liabilities”, the US debt is in the ionosphere – somewhere north of 50 trillion dollars. Members of Congress and the Senate should be sued for malpractice or even arrested under the RICO Act as an organized crime syndicate. Even if Obama is a committed socialist bent on turning America into a Marxist state, a sound Congress and Senate would put a stop to his collectivist insanity. Unfortunately, our Congress and Senate is filled with people who exist to perpetuate their own high living standard while plying the American people with lies and false promises. And they are clearly leading America down the road to destruction. That’s the sad state of the union in 2010. Mr. Obama is correct when he says he inherited problems from the previous 8 years of the Bush Administration. But hey – didn’t he promise he would be different?

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