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Straight talk on America’s latest wake-up call

Radical Islam’s mission is clear: destroy America. It doesn’t matter to the terrorists if they succeed in 2010 or 2110, as long as they ultimately triumph. Northwest flight 253’s Christmas day terrorist attack is the latest wake-up call in an all-out war on America by radical Islam. We are living at a time when we witnessed the birth of radical Islam with the attacks on America on September 11. Although radical Islamists acted out against American assets prior to 9/11 with the bombing of the USS Cole, the Nigeria embassy and others, the attack on our homeland — in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania, was the defining moment in a war that we may be fighting for generations to come. What are your thoughts? Are we responding as we should – with timing and blunt force? Is our president kowtowing to all the wrong people? Are our military forces spread too thin? GO!

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